Xiao Wu teacher start empty handed nternet business

IT in my circle of friends, everyone seems to have a common dream, start empty-handed websites, with vigour and vitality, FengFengGuangGuang, break, ride the wind and waves. And everyone’s examples seem to be rags to riches: Robin Li, Zhen Ronghui, and Liu Luyuan…… About a year ago, with a IT friends for dinner, he was just business in the Internet field, he spoke on the site a better future: one year after the number of employees, after three years and the number of employees, the organizational structure of the enterprise and how to perfect his plan. A year went by, and his website had long since disappeared, and he had to go back to his former job and continue his programmer journey.

The merits and demerits of

, six reincarnation, everything from not accidental. My friends start empty-handed failure is inevitable, because there is no so-called start empty-handed is just start empty-handed what media packaging too: qianchengwuyou founder CEO Zhen Ronghui, founded before the vice president is qianchengwuyou, Bain capital, has deep connections and tens of millions of assets, the original advertisement 51job, actually from Zhen Ronghui old friends; we all know that Baidu 10 years of myth, but how many people know Robin Li as early as 20 years ago, has been popular undergraduate majoring in information retrieval, and in the United States to continue their studies, academic achievements, Robin Li then work in Wall Street, has accumulated sufficient contacts and experience through the Internet, the Wall Street in the East, success is logical; as for Shen Napeng, founder of Ctrip, it is early In 1992, he completed his MBA degree at Yale in the United States, and then spent many years in investment banking at Citibank, and began his pioneering work on the Internet after uniting with heroes such as Liang Jianzhang……

, we read a successful startup case, maybe ten minutes. It turns out to be the ten minute case. Maybe entrepreneurs spent ten years accumulating it. As Qin Shihuang Tongyiliuguo, as only nine years, but the state of Qin from weak to strong, tough to beat again Hanguguan five coalition forces, Qin is the result of six hundred years of painstaking efforts, the last of Qin Shihuang is just a matter of unity. But more entrepreneurs ignore the underwater iceberg 80% efforts, but only know the media exaggerated "water iceberg" 20% of the bright, a while hot headed, began the journey of entrepreneurship. These entrepreneurs of funds, technology, networking, leadership is often very scarce, the direction of entrepreneurship itself may also be biased, and can not help any twists and turns. The fate of the failure, almost at the beginning of the business was planted. In fact, in the western world has always been a blue blood " " saying, many positions only " " can perform " blue blood; blue blood; " who had received good education outstanding parents, witnessed the huge capital turnover, have seen the world, well versed in politics, all monasteries successful parents grew up. It is very comfortable to master the capital, in the light of its general trend. Have blue blood >

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