Sharing experience 3 steps to make your blog and

I’ve been wondering if I can write a blog that attracts readers and makes money. So I’ve been looking at top marketers and asking them for secrets about getting good sales results and getting passive income from blogs. Most salespeople have their own unique way, and perhaps they modify a basic skill to make it look unique.

as far as I am concerned about the marketing staff, what I have learned and heard, they have followed the main points I will share in this blog post. They are easy to understand, do not take too much time, and can bring more traffic. As you all know, big traffic means big income. If you can increase the discount rate, you can make more money in a short time. My rate of discount has increased by two times since I am free to write this job. In my previous blog, I’ve also introduced ways to make money through blogs.

1. finds problems

maybe you’ve heard more than one blogger say, "go out and find out the problem."." But how do you find out the problems you haven’t encountered before and write a blog about it?. But now I want to share some of the best ways of finding problems, including two of the methods I used, one of which is relatively new. Say "old" first and find out what people want in the forums you want to know. If you want to know about health, type "health" in Google, and don’t put quotes in search of health related hot forums. Join one of them and you’ll see people’s issues. Keep a record of the problem. Now, to introduce the new method, Wordtracker is a web site that helps you query keywords. It can collect keywords related to keywords in search engines. For example, when you type in "making money", you can get answers to questions such as "how to make money for children" and "how to make money quickly.". Keep these questions together with the questions you find in the forums.

2. offers solutions

now that you’ve found a lot of problems that people face, you should try to solve them in your blog now. Divide all the questions into two columns. One column contains questions that you know the answer to, and the other contains questions that don’t know the answer. First, deal with the problem of knowing the answers, and give your solutions in your blog. When they are done, they start dealing with the second column. How to find the answers to these questions? Read high quality books, access to high quality blogs, interviews with experts in related fields, or their own unique way to deal with the problem, once you find the solution, was released in the blog. In this way, the solution is completed.

3. recommended product

recommend a product at the end or middle of the article, if you can. To choose a product you want to recommend, either choose a high rating, or ask the product owner for an evaluation form. If your readers have a good edge, all products >

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