Personal webmaster progress is more and more difficult

is really hard to get a foothold on the Internet right now, especially personal webmaster. I began to do websites since 2007. I remember that when I entered this industry, I didn’t have that much effort in all walks of life. The website is not as good as it is now. I remember it was a music website. Because I was engaged in music, music for the deeper understanding, with the increase of a lot of free source program, many people only need to buy a domain name and a small space to open a website, the content is to the above large collection. Therefore, involved in the copyright issues, and now the copyright supervision efforts in this regard has also increased greatly, many individuals have to choose other owners.

with the development of science and technology, some people invented software and tools in all fields. For example, a series of software such as collector, station group and so on, have caused the rubbish flooding in the Internet today, and the copyright has also been seriously overflowed. Now a lot of the original, write good articles such as these our personal webmaster hard, be copied to stations, we ranked far behind those stations when users search. The majority of enterprises and large companies directly buy keyword promotion, the top ten are especially some relatively strong competition is to promote Baidu word, we have the original cannot let users need to see real regret. This time our personal webmaster is in need of more things to create user needs for users to retain users, so the accumulated from site to site, just set start profitable is a process, no one can open a website can have a lot of users, but also do not have a good income. A good website can be achieved through countless efforts and perseverance.

talk about my personal website promotion strategy;

is certainly the first to create a user needs something for the user, and then begin to some related forums or blogs to do publicity, once attracted by the user access to my site, found there was something they need, so next time when they need when they will. The man who has the same taste to. So you can keep them and build up, and when you hold on for a year, look at your results. It should be quite satisfactory.

, like I’m driving www now. Azg88. Com shopping guide website, I will recommend to the user every day, the official website, the latest items and class discount information. Do this after the start of a lot of publicity in some shopping enthusiasts forum and QQ group, so I work for a year while the site is not what ranking, in my efforts to adhere to, I am still very satisfied with the current results, in the competition when I feel a person standing the solution is to provide customers with better service.

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