Talking about behind the scenes at Baidu K station

, I don’t know if anyone has published this article, but I just found it now, so I sent it. Cut the crap and go straight to the subject.

I used to use the meter made a stand, back to the Baidu K, I insist on doing down, until late July at 3 months also not included Baidu, had to put this point to my life meter, think of the second day included, and slowly increase I have checked, Baidu, and display mostly before the entertainment network page, and the connection address failure (see figure



above two are the previous page, the following one is directed to my life network included,


June query, Baidu is still in K’s.

concluded, why Baidu K my station, now that included the history before still? The Baidu K you stand is not taking you all the information format, just close up, test the webmaster, so do the webmaster, whether or not the search engine K, as long as we go there is hope….

my composition level is not good, hope you can understand the general meaning of the article, I also know that you can enjoy watching the bad message to scold me, I just want to tell you to do stand to the end! QQ461895175 I introduce my life is doing a local network of like-minded, hope to exchange under the.

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