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what makes our website slow,


Http protocol

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performance rules

[what makes websites slow]

for most modern sites, only 10%-20% response time is used to generate and load HTML document.

so, what are the other times for loading? Exactly, as follows:


, JavaScript (jQuery, plugin, etc.)


let’s use a tool to see -Fiddler (

first opens fiddler, and then uses the browser to access

at this time, we can see the interaction between Fiddler monitoring client and Microsoft web server, as shown in figure


pay attention to the tab on the right of fiddler, and there is a timeline. Loading default.asp calls for about 1s of time. Let us select the line. Look at timeline again, as shown in figure


at this time, we can prove the previous view based on data. For a website, 80% of the time is used to load css/JS/image.

[Http protocol]

‘s understanding of the HTTP protocol is important because it defines how the web browser interacts with the web server.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol

the most important thing for this is text, which is not based on binary protocols, but on text.


protocol was defined in RFC (Http1.1) in January 1997.

request / corresponding mode. The client browser sends a particular request, and the server returns response

, Header, and body. Each request/response has header and body

below is the content of the HTTP protocol. I highly recommend you

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