Novice must see friendship connection experience

, I am a rookie webmaster, do webmaster also not long, a new station, a new webmaster, you can imagine the exchange of links difficult, today to bask in my friendship links experience.

1. said above, a new station, a new station, not what resources, first half basically can not find the change Links, ha ha, this thing I think most of the webmaster and I have similar experience, these are not afraid, this method doesn’t work, it will change the way, change through the same is unreasonable, can go to the Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu space, entry, Iask, Ali, Hexun, Sina released the chain, only to some well-known flow station outside the chain, the chain how to release, see yourself, but don’t be blocked., can register several accounts with


2. to the major search engine submission site for good can be included, this DMOZ directory that you included webmaster mix better than me, let everyone laughed;

3. more than two steps to do, and a new station of the PR value will soon rise, and so on PR rise, and then consider the link things pull;

4. Links ah, to stand on the left in their own webmaster contact (even if others want to exchange with you to link, can not find contact who that resources are not wasted) personally think is good, QQ, convenient connection;

5. go to some automatic links for friendship link station, submit you stand for friendship link conditions, there is weight and you quite site will take the initiative to find you, don’t forget to leave QQ;

These 6.

actively looking for those your weight and you are generally equal to or lower than you, for the next update PR have good rankings, this is to use their brains, find some PR higher than you 1 or 2 stations, of course, if you have the ability you can find the better this, have with you the gab and contacts;

7. finally too naive, is not conscious webmaster, maybe the day to remove your station, this will regularly check your station Links, there is no dead links or wrong link, recommend a good check here Links software, are interested can go to see. Online check, do not download, address.

8. for links, please come in: financing city forum PR=3

change links require RP> =3 only for home page content, health can financing city PR=4

for links, request home PR> =4

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