Site 10 days website was black

himself, a student, a computer enthusiast. The university more free time (run many classes), nothing else, always feel not an effort to play the game through four years of university life. It’s not a good thing to waste your precious youth. Since every day online, then build your own station. Cn domain name is cheap, and registered a domain name, space…… For a long time, and finally chose this space: 50M support easy component is not limited to the flow of the IIS connection 60 students the first year costs 70 yuan, I do not know is still cheap? Can think. I don’t understand the language of that language, listen to people say, BBS collection by K probability little (did not want to original point, what only collection), from the Internet down a mobile network BBS program template. Well, upload the file, set the section, and begin to collect. So, every post acquisition point glue, hang GOOGLE advertising (previously used free two domain registration GG account), after a few days, it is not a scale, anyway, is a little content, to each big search engine submission site, a week indexed by GOOGLE (Google. Really fast). But something unexpected happened to a novice, and when I opened my website in the early hours of May 22nd, I felt a bit out of sorts. Arguably, this time the Internet is less, speed is very fast (the other time, my web access speed is also good), but I waited for a long time, the page title came out "My Money Forum, see Wangzhuan site!" after a period of time, the entire page is open and look, "font greatened, no chapter" section of confusion, do not show the full view source code, the top of some of the more what the framework!

although I don’t know, but I know that many things, my first feeling is confused, the website was hacked??? How is that possible? Just built station, almost no one knows, not what value, how could be black? Then or now, I do not know I stand in the end is not to be black. Anyway, everything is normal, but what I do not understand, do not know how to do, had to delete all the files on the server, upload again, not to do well, but often backfire, re upload the template, open the site, the layout is a mess, that code still exists (gas!!!), but had to wait until morning hours, please help clean up the virtual host service space. Dizzy, did not sleep a night, the day of the class and not on the afternoon, catch up on some sleep! Wake up, see the QQ message service, good things. Oh, everything can start all over again. Ha ha, do stand to have indomitable spirit, by black count what, one day build a station (is rubbish), you black I build again! You have time, black station, I also have time to build a station. That’s all. Maybe my station is worth a little bit of "black" attention. Ha ha, sometimes >

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