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as a webmaster, almost every day we have more than half of the time in front of the computer, but the trouble is a lot of people will imperceptibly consume half a day, the day down almost did not do anything, many novice webmaster should have this confusion, it should be how to effectively manage time


below is my summary of some of the experience, I hope you can help.

, your daily fixed time in front of the computer record, perhaps a lot of people think that life is not the law of the station, but I think that a qualified webmaster must arrange daily time reasonably, the regularity of life is to rely on their own to decide.

below is my record:

7:00-8:30: wash, morning run, breakfast,

8:30-11:00:, I usually spend 1 hours looking at my subscription to Google Reader

my subscriptions include:

IT.: cnBeta.COM Engadget digital Solidot Baidu Internet news company

blog: SEO website optimization promotion stone interaction Moonlight blog daily English white crow blog user centered design

there is also news of Lianhe Zaobao,

left for 2 hours, I mainly do is website promotion, website promotion is not aimless, I am in the night before the Today program publicity, two hours: 1 hours with this design and improve the publicity plan, collect the required web site, one hour of rest is the publicity articles published in his collection of Web site is good, morning over


12:30-18:00, this is my office hour. Except for the normal work (my job has nothing to do with IT), I can only take the occasional free time to send a post and so on in my own forum.

19:00-21:30. This is communication and learning time. The QQ group I created and some of the learning groups that I have spent, helping others and asking people for advice can make you make progress more quickly.

21:30-23:00 site itself, including landscaping, add content, SEO, and so on, I’ve spent all this time doing.

23:00-00:00, this is my entertainment time. I can do some things I like, play games, and so on. I should pay attention to work and rest, so that I can work more efficiently.

00:00-00:30, get ready to take a break. Remember, you have to schedule second days of work before you go to bed.

two, before you go to bed every night, make a list of what you have to do for second days, and >

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