Getting rid of the kidney is easy to go to heart talk about how the start up enterprise Zuo Si in t

heard a lot of big brothers "truth", but still can not toss out a "go to the central" Internet organization". On the one hand, and his buddies about the reason to consult my side of the car and also closely reasoned and well argued, entrepreneurial buddy up but always miss the point landing operation. Have to say, those who have broken a case in fact and you are not half dime, whether it is Haier Zhang Ruimin "node closed-loop network" organization, the practice of millet flat organization, or Gary in "the future of management professor hammer" quoted include Google, Gore, a number of companies the famous management innovation company case.

finally, after numerous consulting practice and valuable business lessons after several times, I understand, "no new thing under the sun, do not you see, the so-called" invincible "to the center of the Internet, is a universal tool that can flicker, so please don’t take it seriously. Because the problem of organization, in the final analysis, all started from the problems of "resource", "business model", "team", optimal allocation and mutual game.

hold tyrant, sub field – around the resource endowment to build the organization

Much of the original motivation and confidence in

entrepreneurship comes from the resource endowments of start-up teams, such as industry relationships, patent products, professional skills, and so forth. If the resource endowments of start-up enterprises are relatively dispersed and homogeneous, then "centralization" is the inevitable choice to maintain the stability of key teams. Have a clear division of the Internet product team to start each other ‘s, high dependency, the core competitiveness of enterprises is actually the whole team, the organization "to the center" is a natural result of the game.

, in turn, even if the result of embracing resources might lead to a congenital heterogeneous relationship within the team, it should not be self inflicted and cut the stock for "going to the center"". Kaoshanchishan, saying, "the field" of the "nouveau riche" of course to hold their thighs. For startups, the first step is to sub points to the company set up, live, let the most comprehensive resource endowments and people naturally formed the "center" for such organizations, is conducive to better stabilize the core competitiveness, form a centripetal force, but also more conducive to the stability of the team and recruit elite.

surround users, promote production – build

around business models

different business models require different organizational support. Around the online business model, because of the low barriers to entry and fierce competition, the new supply has always stimulated new consumer demand. If you want to quickly respond to consumer demand to guide or change rapidly, a "center" of the organization, can let the team everyone can hear the voice of the online help, faster decisions, better innovation.

however, today, pure online start-ups have long been insulated from this generation of entrepreneurs unless you are as technically motivated as the great technological masters of Zuckerberg

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