Design is productivity making it easier for users to find information


design is productivity

Meng Hong,

recently launched an online Roundtable Forum on the theme: "design is productivity.". The online discussion is far from a simple argument for the proposition, ranging from the designer’s personal discipline to how the design and technology trends are combined. In fact, designers share more than expected.

the following text is selected from this discussion:

New trends and design of


interaction design, of course, can not be separated from the development of hardware and software. What is the technology direction? Baidu Shanghai mobile Internet user experience for MoonMonster 13 potential trend is summarized, including private goods, intelligent home appliances intelligent transformation, set-top box war, voice, somatosensory, social syndrome. "

," he said

if you try to draw a circle, is among the people, from some users recently, the core of the circle is private, then the outer ring is PC, some home appliances, so if a company can occupy the core position in the circle of private goods, it will also mean that it brings the market opportunities and amazing.

"man is the yardstick of all things" – Plo Tiger La. From the beginning of the use of human design tool is produced, with the development of human civilization, a number of years, has undergone tremendous changes during the tool, but always for people, the modern computer and initially used the axes of primitive man in the physiologicalcharacteristics of almost no any change hands, five sense, the brain…… The nature of the design has not changed. As a standard, people can still measure design.

and Bri Design founder horsepower, from the "less is more", "form followed function" and other classic design ideas from the point of view, combined with the trend of science and technology prediction design evolution:

a lot of times, design is like playing games with users. Guess you guess you guess, guess, you’re lucky. The user’s cognitive costs are high. Now and in the future, interface design is trying to reduce the user’s cognitive costs, flatten the information architecture and make it easier for users to find information. Better support is needed for different user scenarios (such as no explicit browsing, clear targeting / search).

from the information architecture and interaction process perspective, regardless of the future trend of change, after all, are constantly reduce the cognitive costs, information content to the interface is more direct and convenient appear in front of users. This can also be implemented as Flat Design.

interface design should not grab the attention of the user, as Lewis, ·, Sullivan design architecture, streamlined to no more streamlined, any of the interface elements

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