f the nternet is not the engine whether the webmaster also so many complaints complaints

casually on a webmaster nets, can be seen everywhere, Baidu included difficult, Baidu ranking, be Baidu, K station, and so on and so on.

ask, do you stand for Baidu or for your users?


here has to consider this problem, the network breeding, appeared the website, if did not have the website, you still have so many complaints,


, if you’re dealing with users, are you going to pay attention to Baidu,


do stand for interest, or for money, I think it should be the latter, money, no value, I believe that in the current social environment, will not have much power. But if you want to make money, you have to think of a good idea.

do not live all day in the sincere fear of walking, and live in fear of honesty, it is better to walk out, so you will live happy.

will power into power, this sentence is not what I said, but the truth, I believe that is not the webmaster, you should understand. What is more, you are the webmaster, knowledge level is so high, do not understand these?


although it’s a good place to have a station now, but do you have new ideas or patterns that don’t mix well?

not. I used to be very JB silly, because I saw the download station I went to, all speed limit download. Later, I grit my teeth for a hundred M. No speed limit download, although successfully put that station up (the station’s server was eventually fooled by the trustee, and when I left the trustee, he also attacked me. What station did not say, alas), received unexpected results, and now, unlimited speed station, the number is endless, and is difficult step by step, but still did not beat me down.


friends, Baidu random letters, you will excuse me, are you angry resentment? For Baidu and station? If not, what about


take good care of your quality, think more good ideas, let your site to make some features, even without Baidu, you can survive.

, did I say something awful,


, unless you take it as a career. If it’s a career, you don’t care about your foundation and can’t keep your customers. How do you keep Baidu,


don’t always Baidu, Baidu, listen to more, appear tired.

recently, I’m on the Admin5 or station station or behind the times. I saw it everywhere. It was sealed by Baidu. Baidu did not include either (I several months ago because Baidu is not included, but do ask a lot of SEO master, they gave me the answer is: take care of your site quality on the line, the engine sooner or later to patronize you, don’t patronize their loss after listening to, I do not want to think).

if the Internet is not the engine, whether the webmaster also so many complaints complaints


I wrote original, and I’m not a writer

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