How to garbage beautiful picture website to create a brand

You may feel a certain

station is rubbish station, there is no need to make the brand, but I think the brand is a website, you have more immediate site traffic is through the keyword here, rather than directly rush your station, when one day you stand Baidu down the right they will not come back. So even if the garbage station, also want to start the banner of the brand, below I will briefly introduce how I will my web site "the only love to net" to create brand beauty picture website.

1. domain name and website name

domain name and website name complement each other, you can name the website according to the domain name, or you can also register the domain name according to the name of the website. We must get a good name website before the line, not to the line on the website after feeling the name is not good, to change to change, so not only to the user is not what a good impression, and the search engine on your site will leave a bad impression.

2. website title must not be concise

we all know, since the end of last year since the regulation vulgar "vulgar", there are tens of thousands of Web sites are harmonious, is closed, but until now, the museum has All is well.. The reason, he is the site of the brand line, the content of the site is also similar to other garbage picture station content, but he has a lot of original content. In fact, the nature is still the same. This website has been friends may be able to see him, the title of the site is very simple, and unlike other sites, in order to make up words, the website named: "customers" and "sexy", "stockings beauty net", "star beauty net" etc. these titles, we may don’t know, this site is most likely to be K, because the network is flooded with the name of the tens of thousands of websites! So choose a suitable name is very important, the title of the site will not be too bright, you can describe it with the keywords in the web site.

3. promotes its own brand "garbage station"

how to promote their own brand? This needs webmaster diligent a bit, a little hard, try to get some pure original content, updated every day 10 group, 8 group of pictures, take the one I love to network, I will add a website users upload column, the column regardless of category, as long as the users upload pictures in this column below, now every day there are people here to upload pictures, which brought to the site in the "original" content, I only need to generate a static page every day had enough.

is, you can learn to write some articles published to webmaster online edge, in addition to the chain at the same time, also increased the popularity of your site. Now the only love daily manual input to the flow with the total flow rate reached 30%, you know what is this concept? Is that your website is very popular with users, the users are willing to come to your site. Because your website is updated in time, it will come from time to time

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