How do you make money from the level of junk sites

with the Internet industry is constantly refined and Baidu to continue to remove spam sites, web sites make money is not so easy as before; you do the official website, trouble and effort, but also a variety of actions should be careful and Baidu on your site, such as drop right, included reducing; you do dumpster, apply for 1 yuan a CN domain name, and then went to grab those popular words, want to row to Baidu home page, the garbage station is definitely no, the result is: Baidu K station, and this is the inevitable result of the garbage station.

if you really want to make money from the website, please consider how to make the website meet the needs of the people first. A website close to life is the long-term way to maintain the development. Start from your side, people’s clothing, food, shelter, and you discover what? Of course, there must have been many others in the project, it is not possible to mining, not even a project, others do, must have a focus on his own no, they focus on the part, you will be able to do. From the SEO point of view, this is grasping long tail flow.

, a web site that really works for people, one day when you find it’s very inconvenient to lose your site, you have a chance to make money. To advise you to communicate with the blog network marketing is how to mix with real life contact, government, media, newspapers, network, developers, advertisers, agencies, users, you do these aspects, your website is successful.

is talking about regular web sites; flymorn is talking about another direction today: how to do spam sites that aren’t spam".

for example, the word "QQ" hot bar, 205947 times every day in search of Baidu, but you can do? Use Baidu Search, in addition to the first page in the third row of the, the Tencent QQ own site, and at least two domain names, you can compete them? Not. So give up.

, look at the QQ space code again. Search 37996 times a day, and it’s hot. But can you do? You can do it? Use Baidu Search, find the relevant pages of about 11100000, ranked in the top three pages is a top-level domain com and net, as can be imagined how competition is fierce! Do you have the courage to give up?.

look at the non mainstream QQ space code search, every day an average of 997 times, much less search, use Baidu Search, find relevant web pages about 4080000 essays, and Analysis on the first page of Baidu results, found it and the word related websites are not many, but the word segmentation technology to Baidu. Contains a non mainstream, QQ space code websites are listed in the SERP. If you do this word alone, you’ll want to go a long way beyond what they have done. So, you can do this keyword.

, did you see?

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