Comment on the details of visual revision of a liquor website


1: website color using

China’s wine websites use red and yellow colors. Because of the atmosphere and festive atmosphere of the website, the sublimation of wine value lies in this,


"Ji grain incense" site of the overall red (using monochrome), the performance of the level is not enough, it is difficult to enhance the company’s image;

Wuliangye site red and yellow line combines (website address:, can reflect the glorious feeling, but if used well before it will be counterproductive; "" Ji Long King website imitation Wuliangye, the effect is not very good!

industry reference:

two: website pattern adjustment

product pictures reflect the location of the problem, combined with the animation and pictures of products have problems, make the product picture looks luminous effect is not clear, it is difficult to keep visitors first impression! Also because marketing websites, the main position does not require e-mail;


investment information is not comprehensive enough, "investment cooperation" in the home should be in a very striking way reflected, and click into ordinary visitors can make a basic understanding of the way of cooperation, the content should be in writing and the way of emissions, in addition to text information help included, while the help of information dissemination of


interactive section, the message is not interactive enough, should create an atmosphere and the number of Posts

woo company ( recommends:

1. site visitors to visit the site’s first vision, the company name, the main push products, such information should have a hierarchical and visual appeal; (to do feel good)

2. site product emissions, classification, if too much, easy to form a mess of feeling, you can feel the product high and low, for a level classification, and then in the subdivision (to be easy to find)


3. web site section through online customer service software, QQ, messages and other sites, but it can open a feedback area, customer comments and related issues have a question and answer mode reflected! (customers can understand the basic form of market feedback)

4. liquor products pay attention to is a culture and craft products, so wine knowledge of such a column is shallow, through the characteristic column reflects its own product culture connotation and process mode,


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