An announcement of a failed stationmaster

I do is design forum: Jeremy visual; now I began to build the second station PS window:; many webmaster said I chose a good corn. At least easy to remember. Let quality members remember.

analysis of my first stop failure reasons, from 08 years in October is trying to start; below I will analyze my failure to success analysis of the following aspects:

1. keywords (keywords) do not change to change, to make sure you do two keywords:

case: I Keywords: business, technology, resources, fashion life ", and so on, the fact that my words do too much too messy; without a clear goal, to own one day or dozens of IP. Later I changed Keywords: design, graphic design, design, and IP a little or no what a big change, now my keywords is PS tutorial, Photoshop tutorial only two words; now I IP with an average of 300IP+. Although not much, I believe my efforts.

facts prove: new webmaster don’t do too many keywords, do too much will lead to Baidu spider and GG spider in a mess of keywords to collect your site; lead to your IP less and less. Do you need the two key based new webmaster best is the first in Baidu search index; the new owners to remember: two words is enough for you, the fact that greed will become a poor word finally.

(a lot of people think, do more sure good, do less keywords is my personal point of view. I hope you’ll excuse me.


2. content should not change regularly:

What time can change the layout of

? Do you want to see your traffic statistics in advance, within a month if you don’t have these keywords to, you can change the keywords, not in the spider’s arrangement, so you keep is a dead end. The only way to do this is to change your IP key to the relevant resources;

example: I do tutorial network, I will add a small part of the PS style, PS filters and the like. This IP can also be a part of, but you have to clear your own main is to do something more tutorials, don’t send tutorial; turn from a guest into a host.

3. new sites do not do too much advertising, after all, you do the site and then make money, you have to consider in advance is IP traffic.

new station can do some Ali mother first, after all, Ali mother has certain resources for the new station conditions, or relax, so the application will go, as for Baidu and GG new station, or don’t think too much. Put your wasted time in your station

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