Analysis of ten trends of local website development in the future

from the portal to the industry, from the industry to the development trend of WEB2.0, the site is also changing, what is the future trend of the development of the site today, Cnmai said today: the development of the Internet is the future trend of the local site, and the development trend of local media website is to be mentioned here, "media", the real direction of website the development of the media should be the orientation of life network public opinion force is already one of the effective way to release the livelihood of the

!Here is the

Cnmai for the future development of the site where some of my humble opinion:

The fusion of

1. life information network will reach an all-time high, people living on the other network more and more, the local site should be mainly classified information.

The vertical search for

2. local information (classified information, news information) will appear on the local web site (where the appearance of the collection makes local information COPY easier).

3. convenience inquiries, site navigation will be long stored in the home page of the local website.

4. merchants discounts, promotions and other information should be most incisive, temporarily in the network above, the local website merchants discount sales theme will be the next selling point of local websites.

5. urban network popularity improved, local city topic of public opinion living in the network will be more perfect embodiment.

6. intelligent station will be integrated into the local website business functions to promote the development of local e-commerce and Internet marketing.

7. mobile phone wireless applications will be reflected in local websites, and gradually popularized.

8., the next piece of local advertising will be online advertising (local network advertising network with thousands of people with low cost, wide coverage, flexible display, long cycle, less limitations and other advantages will occupy a market).

The combination of

9.DM advertising and website will become one of the powerful tools for website publicity, and the complementation of DM, print media and Internet media will form a bright spot for internet.

10. where the economic strength of the team and individual will take place the site as an investment object, with the formation of the Internet industry and the older generation of people on the Internet are familiar with and fascination, anyone can put on the direction of investment prospects of the Internet started low.

as Cnmai new local classified information portal – convenience network (WWW.BM05.COM) is committed to the new media network (new local convenience convenience net set classification information, business yellow pages, intelligent mobile phone, wireless, electronic map, network promotion and marketing interactive technology in a body, for people living and working in a variety of information needs adhering to the perfect, practical service concept, the use of advanced Internet technology, carefully designed and launched the country’s nearly 300 local city network platform. AD)

, let’s talk about it, in fact, the current domestic Internet >

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