9 views on improving website friendliness

1. Add sitemap

regardless of your site size, you should add a detailed text format, the station map, each link in the map should be every page to the site, each page with the best content. The advantage of adding maps to the station is that you don’t have to link each page to your home page. Just make sure you have these links on the map inside the station. The station map is not only good to visitors from your site to find some special information, and it is a spider crawling program "food", it can make it easy for search engines to index into every page on the site.

two, to establish a reasonable navigation structure

When designing a web navigation menu for

, use a reasonable title and link description. For example, web design services (Web site design services) are more intuitive than services services (Internet). Use Cookie Crumbs to indicate the location of the site where the browser is located. As shown in some sites and search portal at the top, tell visitors had been browsing categories or web pages (such as Hom> Travel> UK> Bristol> Bed& Breakfasts) in order to guide visitors to understand the path of the whole website. You can use the Call-to-Action link mode guide the visitors view a web page or to take the next step, for example, click here to book (Click Here to Order), will this page add labels (Bookmark This Page) or (View Our Catalogue Now catalog view).

three, the rational design of the layout of the site

should follow common sense practices on the design layout of each page of the web site, so that every page is designed reasonably and the layout is in harmony. That is to say, the same page uses a uniform color, logo, coordinated navigation bar, title and footer, and the link features are consistent (e.g., using underscores in a unified way). This helps the affinity viewer, and does not confuse them with the web site, thereby losing interest in continued browsing.

four describes the content of the product in an easy to understand language

Internet is a long refusal. Internet users are in a hurry to depart, they hope to find what they need as soon as possible, to reduce the tedious steps. In view of this phenomenon, your website page should use simple language, make everybody understand all concepts as soon as possible.

five, embedded station search tool

an affinity user site should join the station search function, that is, through specific keywords to search for content inside the station. Do you find it difficult to do this? No, you can easily solve it with software programs, such as Atomz>

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