4 methods of using numbers to stimulate user’s behavior skillfully

everybody saw this scene: a street in front of the shop, placed in a sound, with a very loud voice, the shop plastered on the door of the big poster, saying: "master, the last 3 days", "before the renovation of large stocks, the last 3 days". These businesses use digital to create scarcity and attract the attention of users. This is in reality some of the gimmicks of the business, you go a week to go, and may still be the last 3 days".

in the network, there are also some use of digital to encourage users to take further actions, in order to provide sales and promote the purpose of the dialogue, the popular group purchase website is the best example, but also have similar cases in other social networks, this paper will use this topic to talk about the users of digital laser excitation.

1. creates scarce and pressing atmosphere

for scarce, people will always rush, if combined with the scarcity of time, it will greatly enhance the probability of users shot, in the group purchase website, this combination is the most common and most effective.


time, usually presented in the countdown mode, to create a "user, then do not buy, only regret that users see the countdown seconds disappear, will generally take action, or really buy, or recommend to friends, often with a word" hurry to buy, is coming to an end."

– in quantity, buy a website, often still have a word, it is "the amount is limited, order should be faster"." In times of urgency, the quantity is limited, and the users who like it are generally unable to eat this kind of stimulus. They tend to take action immediately.

2. makes contrast effects, allowing users to feel "pick cheap"

Luo in his video popularity again the classic economist subscription advertising case: the electronic version of the printed version of the $59, $125, $125 + electronic version of the print edition, a lot of people generally choose third subscription scheme. In contrast, users quickly judge.

– the price, generally very clear group purchase website of the price and the price are marked out, then the price off, this is done in many e-commerce sites, only to give a price the user does not know how the price is cheap, are compared, and the price is not really the value of many times the user not to consider this.


— evaluation of contrast, this in some comment on the site is often used, for a shop, comment on the site will not be given good or bad results, but the list of "good" and "bad" digital, let the reader to read.


3. creates social identity (social, proof), >

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