10 major strategies used Social Media Marketing

applies these ten steps to your entire social media marketing, spending at least five hours a week, and your online marketing plan will work well. Other strategies, such as link bait and blog writing, are also the basis of social media marketing. Wish you success,


1, good at making friends with LinkedIn or Facebook. Contact at least two new friends every Monday or hour;

2, two hours a week to your familiar areas of popular forums, introduce yourself and share knowledge, get the trust of others;

3, your blog subscribers, and focus on those who have common interest with your blog, blog comments of friendly interaction, familiar with after the link exchange, do not rush to apply for friendship connection, five hours per month.

4 takes fifteen minutes per day to contact an Digg user via instant messaging (they will be published in the profile) and observe some of their other social media applications;

5, through video optimization, make good use of Google Univeral, record a video on the Youtube and add links. Five hours recording and external chain construction, respectively.

6, the article (title, abstract, non text) that you submit to Digg or reddit, is submitted to meneame (Spanish Digg) and Scoopeo (French Digg) via translation tools, each with ten minutes.

7, don’t indulge in social media that won’t bring you any traffic or attraction, and be able to identify what is valuable and focus on the input-output ratio.

8, ten minutes per day to answer Yahoo, Answers five questions, one of which adds a link to your website.

9, search company keywords through Google, Blog, Search, or Serph, observe which people are commenting and talking to them. At least twenty minutes per day.

10 is good at discovering any media communities that may exist on your website, products, and services, whether it’s Amazon, Epinions, Yelp, CitySearch, or Google Local, which need to be reviewed for long periods of time.

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