My opinion on several problems of e commerce

on Saturday to send held the first e-commerce cloud meeting, met a lot of people have always wanted to say, Jingdong President Liu Qiangdong, vice president of the north of the cradle; before most of the electronic business circle of friends know, not to say.

There are several issues in the

meeting, I participate in the discussion of a familiar, but my friends all know that I am not alone, badly written child, especially not ready, the game is the basic topic, incoherent. So let’s say something about the issues at the meeting;

one, to the market or to profit

there is also a small issue is whether economic crisis influence on electronic commerce, some big economic crisis is the topic for me, I think the problem is generally not so macro, consent of the individual meeting investment bank said the economic crisis will not affect consumption; the same from Mary billion data, this year, the cooperation site of some growth, and some decline, but overall growth, between the Spring Festival, earthquake and Olympic Games there is a certain effect;

As for the

to market or to profit, in fact not much to discuss, a choice of it, even in my hand first Mary billion, there are several projects, some is to market, such as CPS business, a month for us to cooperate with the website to $about 50000000 the amount of orders, but is not profitable; and for example, SP business, is to profit, because the business did not see the future.

market after all is to profit, but it is after the big profits, but can stick to, as well as to whether you really have a big profit, really hard to say, Yuandufushu.

What impact will C2C platforms such as

, two and Taobao have on B2C?

there are two small issues, issues of electronic commerce is Taobao a positive or negative effect? I think some more positive effects, Chinese e-commerce market development so fast, is largely Taobao hit the money to drop out, it is necessary to confirm; item two B2C should set up shop in Taobao, Baidu


B2C should in the Taobao store? And Baidu began offering C2C services, Baidu and Taobao and Taobao shielding, again do CPA Promotion…… these problems are that it is very complex, but the base is the entrance of the dispute; two entrance e-commerce website is search and advertising (including CPS) (of course, public relations, mail, etc.), at present, Baidu reputation is basically monopolized the search, because Baidu lost the entrance, so Taobao must vigorously develop the Ali Mama, must regain CPA;

frankly, the loss of Baidu this entrance, Taobao certainly has an impact, Taobao in the next 1 or 2 years need to spend a lot of money to offset the impact, of course, Taobao rich. The reason why, if the difference between the entrance, search engines naturally have a filtering effect on Internet users, can be distinguished

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