Novice friend’s sentiment want to be a webmaster

to do a simple web page has been 6 years, but there has been no use just a little bit of their own knowledge, even if it is a static page, on the Internet is also a kind of action of mind, blame yourself too lazy, not in 6 years to study and study how to set up a belongs to own web site.

I have a lot of problems now, and I want to attract friends who share my ideas with the new tutorials. First of all, my first question is, "if I want to reprint articles on other people’s websites, do I have to contact the site for permission? If I don’t contact them, I would like to quote from the site, OK?"

editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your contribution, you are welcome to become a member of the webmaster team, but this group of webmaster generally very hard, you have to do a good job of psychological preparation.

answer your question: the first question: you can look at our primary station training activities, and may be able to help you

second questions: generally can be reproduced, but some news websites to see clearly reproduced website rights statement

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