The ultimate solution for network technicians

in my QQ "architect communication group" in the mailbox, received a message from the administrator of the technical staff of the final way out of a letter, the name is ", a letter to the group member". I read the contents of the letter, there was a calm, and then it was a long time of meditation.

although I strongly hope that this forum will become a purely technical forum, as an engineer, I always feel sad about the future prospects. From this point, published their emotion.

as an engineer, we all think salary is OK, work is stable, we can learn a lot of things. Is the inevitable choice for most people who walk out of campus or are introverted or want to live a peaceful life. But did you ask yourself, "is this the right way to go,


, a newly graduated college student, is engaged in two different jobs, sales and technology, and the salary gap may reach several times. For those who first come out of campus, there is not an extreme temptation.

just graduated young people, of course, will resolutely choose the road of technology. As I myself, it is a clear example.

two years later, go back and see, due to the accumulation of experience, do the business of the accumulated part of customer resources, technology has accumulated good experience in their respective fields are out of the hands and feet, their income is close to.

later, the technology is more and more difficult road to go, after all, do technology needs a lot of time and a lot of energy, otherwise you won’t keep pace with the era of information and technology update; do business, customers more and more, experience more and more rich, have also increasingly targeted, who the income will be higher


two different occupations, they have different characteristics, the technology industry is a "can not die, and can not be satisfied" place, while the sales industry is no end of the road of development.

was thirty years old, you can choose what to buy? (car), marriage, children, a natural law of life on the road, do most of the people have become, responsible for the technical department to do good; sales? Is probably a salesman, after all, do a lot of business focus in the hands of a few people. The concentration of wealth has been so similar throughout the ages, but is it too far to see the comparison between two successful professionals?

learned to die, die, and can not afford to pay for the technology, what is worth recalling? (at present I only have this idea, and still on the road of technology, is not a little contradictory)

at the age of thirty, you have confidence in the face of heavy work? You have just entered the community, young people’s vitality? You can be with them than work hard in time, leading the boss? Can you leave and travel for one or two months? You can be small children and teenagers to command the command to


I won’t be able to….. >

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