Yishui some personal experience in the promotion

Yishui do not much time during this period, the problems encountered are also many, but I often go to a push, in many of the above problems have been resolved.

site is ready, we need to promote, so that more people visit the web site. For promotion, we first understand what our website does, what kind of crowd browsing it is, and what we offer is received by visitors. These are the website itself problems, the site itself is the problem we do SEO optimization, specific we can log on this look (http://s.hanwangtx.com/SEOjiaocheng/). SEO well, then we need to solve the promotion problem.

SEO is a prelude to our promotion (personally), because I think SEO is ready, then our promotion plan will be completed a small step. You can use Baidu Search "hanphone world" this website, the keywords ranking is good, but why come from this keyword traffic rarely, not to think, how to search the Internet when we do so the beginning keyword keyword, I made a mistake, a not what people to search keywords even do the first not what page. Similarly, another of my website is ditwoshop.com but this site only two months, two times the traffic is "Hanwang world" this website. This is not just the beginning of the keywords in the front row, but traffic is high, is the key reason, what we need is a popular keywords, there are a lot of people to search keywords, urgent ranking in the second page third page, but no one of the search keywords are ranked on the first page of good. We sometimes do not know the search keywords, Baidu index can look at the relevant keywords, look at the situation, and then choose good keywords.

tig_1: so sum up the first problem, key words set up is very important, no search keywords, best not to use.

, we remember what we do every day, and I say what I do every day. 1, in the morning to the company, first check the site of the collection, snapshot situation. 2, update the content of related websites. 3, go to the forum, send a post. 4, go to the blog to publish some articles. 5, sometimes look for links change. 6, Baidu Q & A, stick it to the whole. So until the evening, at night, I also updated, did not update the article (articles are updated every day, the number is certain), issued a post.

well, that’s all I do every day. But the website traffic is not high, so I can complete within 3 hours through the analysis of these things I do every day next time. So what have we done at other times? It seems that we are not doing enough. Promotion is not a matter for a while, but a long-term problem, we need to promote the need for a very good executive power. Readers can count <

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