Using Tencent platform to promote the 4 alternative ways of website

had seen someone posted these promotion methods, and not enough fine local feeling after reading about myself for a long time, coincides with the careful study of the QQ platform to promote the site test, several methods to share to you.

QQ farm

QQ farm with the surrounding some of the words in the Baidu index every day at least 100 thousand, visible QQ farm daily fixed number of game player, this is an astronomical figure, so the QQ farm extension of some QQ station will have very good effect, figure

in the QQ farm game settings, all of the operations to modify their website address, unfortunately, only 12 words here, but it is enough. Then search for some friends and want to grow vegetables, on the farm or the big Post Bar forum has too many people, I added 50 pages of friends with a dozen alumni group, not accurate statistics to the number of IP per day but I estimate certainly not less, if you are 10 a number of the 100 Alumni group? So there can be in-depth study of many things.

QQ bookmarks

, I’ve been using this method for the last few months, and about 2000 of the IP comes every day. It is time for the new QQ number of your own web site, a collection of about 100 days, a few days to be able to own the top station to popular collection ranks, and sometimes there will be QQ to bookmark the page, the website the day thousands of IP is a very easy thing. But now QQ bookmarks, some pages will always show the system maintenance, so also lost a lot of traffic, intentional friends can also try this method.

QQ personalized signature

I have not used this method, but some people see the effect after use, QQ character signature and QQ space are connected, as long as the update of the individual signature, QQ space also will be updated accordingly, so I often see their landing space of several QQ friends every day constantly update signature as long as it is, his friend, landing QQ space will find full screen is his traces, one day to play again advertising you may not remember, one day a dozen times a month. You will remember, I saw a friend just a day there are more than 1300 reading log.

QQ number

this propaganda way pornographic and violent, but traffic is very impressive, you must first apply for a new QQ number, and QQ number to be packed, the net should have the temptation, QQ space must upload photos, and then put the QQ number in the website released a large number of friends, general the administrator is allowed, the title is how temptation comes, the day you will see you the QQ number of popular sentiment, and the subsequent and Everfount flow. As for propaganda, I think of a way.

as for the above several methods are only >

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