We should adhere to the individual stationmaster when 2010 08 14

didn’t come here for half a year, but now it’s a good place to live here. Can not help but come up with a bubble. Talk about your own understanding of the site,


00 have done a lot of the site, most of them are a person groping out. As a programmer, whether it is ASP, PHP, or asp.net class programs can be readily used, by the way they modify, of course, the premise is to open source in the case of relatively poor artists! So long, most in need of beautification page I refer to others "format, mode change to. Although it is not very good, but still feel good.

What does

need most,

?What need the

station, may each have the same needs of people are considering the same problem, personal feeling is not the website is the lack of perseverance, decided to do, don’t quit halfway, otherwise you will miss a lot of good opportunities for.

What’s the most important thing about


has been the most important thing is that the site information on the website to attract people, let people have to leave the value, what can attract people, you don’t know, I don’t know, so there are many websites, such as Qihoo, always in the title for this, a very attractive the title, after you point in, what is not, in the course of time, to see the title, found that as long as the Qihoo will not go to the point, so I have been very confused, I really want to do what kind of a station, the most important site is what you told me. The original has been, their goals are very fuzzy, fuzzy themselves are not clear, only know their own site, the station is bigger, popular, can make money, then life will live well. Suddenly wake up, do stand the most important thing is that you can bring what, Or what it brings to you, because of a moment of interest or aimless, and I think that’s a question everyone needs to consider.

many people love to do dumpster, I also made a www.hong100.cn, do, listen to others to say DEDE to the search engine support, and then began to use the acquisition, to their website with content, one is a few W, dozens of W data, it is a lot of information, classified clear? No one knows, can provide what do not know for others, just know that after the search engine will be included, then you can do advertising, advertising is regardless of size, GOOGLE, advertising alliance, as long as you can make money, but above all to Tim, this station had a hidden but it is good, some people are really very depressed ah, sometimes they find things in Baidu, find is a bunch of no, or piled up key sites, such sites, not only makes people feel disgusted, what can take place…

summed up a sentence: do not stand too fast, do not rush to harvest, >

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