The height of individual character determines its destiny

              one morning after the storm, the beach in shallow water Wali, leaving many was the night before the storm came ashore fish roll. They are trapped in shallow water, though they are near at hand, but they can not go back to the sea. There are hundreds of fish trapped, or even thousands of them. With long, shallow water would be the middle of dry sand, evaporated by the sun, the fish will dry out and die. There are three children

second children in the first water side and bent down to pick him in a puddle of fish, and hurled them into the sea. The first child at second children: "so many fish in the pool, you can save a few? Save your energy."

"no, I’m going to do all I can."!" The second children replied without raising their heads. "You did it in vain. Who cares?""

"the little fish cares."!" As the second children answered, they picked up a small fish and threw it into the sea. "This care, this also cares."! And this one, this one, this one……"

, third kids are laughing at themselves. The two guys don’t have brains, the pie in the sky, what a good chance to make a fortune. Why don’t you hold fast to it? Then, third children in pick up fish, put them into his clothes made of cloth bag……

more than 15 years later, the first child became a doctor. On one occasion, when he was on duty, he refused to accept the family with too little money to reject a critically injured person, so that the injured did not receive timely treatment and died in front of his eyes! Under the pressure of public opinion, he was expelled from the hospital from ruin. He felt wronged. He thought of the scene on the beach many years ago and was unwilling to admit he was wrong. "So many small fish, can I save them?"" He often thinks in his heart.

second children have also become doctors. He is skillful in medicine and noble in medical ethics. He is well treated regardless of money or money. Thus, he became a local people to mention the praise of the famous doctor. His mind often shows the scene on the beach many years ago. "I can’t save all of them, but I can save some people, and I can ease their pain."." He often said to himself.

third children went into business, and he soon made a fortune. After the outbreak, he also used the money to clear the way, and the way to officialdom, finally, float upon the clouds because of corruption, the incident, was sentenced to death. The ground, his mind emerges out of the old beach scene: a small fish in his clothes bag both desperate eyes give dying kicks, staring down to him……

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