My Wangzhuan career ah 1 foot

selection competition, survival of the fittest, although a little exaggeration, but the quote is not excessive, can adhere to the present, a little slice of heaven’s own efforts and sweat in return, although not to use the "memoirs" three words, said the summary is absolutely reasonable, can be said to be a memorial to me network journey for three months now, my network career began from then on.

2007 November, because of work, the industry has been in the free state, one day down, eventually lost, until then, my friends run out of ammunition and food supplies, the Panther, and contact me on, say you are willing to engage in Wangzhuan industry with me, we together, do poineering work together, Wangzhuan? A new term in my mind to hang! What do Wangzhuan, what? I’m talking to you, such as the new year back into it, he replied. But at the beginning of December I went to him, to him, I see, a rented room, a desk, a computer, there is a big living! Then feel, we had engaged in this line are mostly of such equipment, not to mention the beginning, he said first, you must have a computer, halo, I have to grab the end of hills and rivers, ah, is the new year, next year can buy, I said that was ok. Be familiar with his work and in his survey Wangzhuan process here, so my first contact with what is higher, how to make.

has just started, he did during the day, what tasks and work to me at night, fortunately, I also understand some of the network, some application software can be used, somewhat simple work skills, so he arranged down, mainly to do advertising, advertising pay is not from the formal procedures to earn (but now is), it is cheating, I want to do this line of people should be clear, a grassroots webmaster (later known for personal webmaster have such a call), not to mention just a start, who does not go this way after all, our personal ability is limited, can take a shortcut to go round, I took a shift and he started very excited, the first is I love the Internet industry, has been engaged in the work of the dream, Now I finally started, second is into a new industry, a low cost, high profit industry (if you have a good project and method, then it) a bit much, ten consecutive days night, of course, sleep during the day, when the winter. Cold Oh, after midnight, people online sparse, like the street, very quiet, a bit scary, at this time I think, now we are still young, hard to resist, how to do that later, don’t have to do this every day for you, now a person is easy to do, and you have a home how do I think of a few days, this is not possible, to change the work mode, not quite, a few days later I asked him, to say that we do not ah, who withstand ah, he said you put the quilt, can not do, halo, This is just a temporary practice not long ah, well, in is really thin.

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