The true meaning and exchange skills of the left ear friendship link

exchange website links, for a long time, this is a very good way to promote web sites. If the most important element of the web site is content, then the next element is the following link. Links to the site accept most of the search engine’s checks, including pointing to other sites, as well as pointing to the current site from other sites.

in order to better guarantee the website link, the webmaster also starts to exchange the link on the website mutually. Add a pointing link to each other on the web site.

exchanging links between two websites is good for both sides: two websites can get more links. But people will start to use link exchange between completely unrelated websites abuse links, regardless of two sites that are not related to each other, as long as you agree to exchange links, so that you have put the link too much. Even create multiple links to improve your site’s ranking.


search engine doesn’t turn a blind eye to these things. Some search engines in the text block in the link exchange request. When someone thinks that "grass, space, and link" strategies improve website rankings, they can be blocked by search engines if they do not meet the requirements of search engines.

does this mean that you can’t do with other site exchange links? Of course not! We just do link to the attention of related website of each other, the search engine will point to the link to "do a careful examination, to examine the correlation between the two page link to each other, and the possible link to the user click on whether it is useful or redundant cumbersome.

when the page meets the requirements of the search engine, it will not be punished. On the other hand, if links are made for links, the site is highly likely to be punished by search engines, which may be completely blocked. So, you were, before the exchange links with other sites, must pay attention to check the website of the other side is suitable for their website links, so as to ensure that the site has certain correlation with their own website, so search engines will not be shielded.

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