Micro blog buy the next two nternet bubble

in twenty-first Century, the second 10 years of China’s digital business world, the most fire than e-commerce and social networking. In these two segments, buy and micro-blog most eye-catching, and more often to seize the media layout. I just think, buy and micro-blog are full of bubbles. The so-called bubble, one is not without value, one of the great social value; two is not entirely without commercial value, only said that as an independent format converting established; three investment is too heavy, and its commercial value does not match.

group hard to become independent format

about buy originator Groupon negative news more up. The first is a long investigative agency in China’s domestic media on Groupon, around the Gaopeng layoffs. Then came the news in September 6th, and Groupon decided to hold on to IPO. Although Groupon said the analysis, considering the recent stock market overall poor performance, do not want to sell this time, but more discussion or in the operation of the company in the end how. The domestic group purchase website, a few months ago has heard of Wo Wo Group launched IPO but was much more than the investment bank refused, recently circulated in hand, the U.S. mission to the listing. If this is not their own processing handle, beauty group public relations event, so this point to listing also shows that the group purchase website capital chain stretched to the tight situation.

recently, I personally feel that the ad site buying seems to be a little less, whether it is building LCD screen or car advertising. A large-scale layoffs have been confirmed, but there are a lot of looks like a fake website group purchase rumors of layoffs. If only for external reasons or for tactical reasons, it is temporary. If the site itself is not an independent format, then the collapse of buy site is inevitable.

group buying can become an independent format? In fact, rather than buying an e-commerce, it is better to be a "advertising platform"". And group buying website cooperation business, nothing more than for two purposes: promotion and sale.

in terms of promotion, a new brand, new product, in order to quickly open the market, let consumers experience, and then become repeated purchase of old customers. In theory, the consumer experience should be good enough to make the trial an old customer. Therefore, the promotion behavior should be the current loss, which also determines that any business will not frequent promotions, there are a few times a year, has been very good. Since it is quick to open the market, the important thing is "fast" two words. The whole advertising industry is talking about "accurate delivery" today". Accurate delivery can reduce costs and avoid meaningless coverage; second, the speed is fast enough to quickly gain the attention of potential consumers. General sense of the Group buy site, is the level of the site, not any "accurate", if must say accurate, is facing a group of very sensitive to the price of the consumer.

, look at the sale. There are two kinds of sale, >

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