What’s the necessary prerequisite for a good website

our website is not only to do for you to enjoy the most important thing is to make users only thousands on thousands of netizens think, is a good website, this website can long survive, in order to better development.

below, I will say I do IT learning network (www.it521.com.cn) some experience process.

first of all, the space and domain names are the most important, do IT website, so I chose and IT related domain name, so that the search engine is beneficial, also can let the user remember your domain name.

space, a good space is an essential prerequisite to a good site, good space should be stable, fast, the problem is not long, I choose the DM host abroad, due to various reasons, did not choose domestic host, but most Adsense still support for the foreign host, because the high price people are recognized.

program, a program selection plays a decisive factor to the development of the website, people love WordPress station, WordPress feel more powerful, but also is a blog system, and the contemporary website is to publish information as the main way of updating, so as dedecms, the new cloud, such as the CMS system is an Empire a good choice to build the medium website.

program selection and template selection is also inseparable, but once the program is selected, the template is the inevitable problem in it521, change the template until PV rarely, after changing the template PV follow up, the main reason is to remove the excess advertising, increase the content of the page, let users feel comfortable watching next, he will also come to this site, so the higher viscosity, your site will be more successful.

finally said that we are all concerned, to make money, I put ads on the website which is purely in order to make the site look more like a website, not to make money, imagine a day 1000 or more IP in the end can transfer much money, not as good as the first to focus on the development of this website, the value of a lot more than you earn.

will discuss it here with you today. If you have any questions or want to communicate, you can add QQ 331888681

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PS: I am a student at school, I hope we pay more attention to student webmaster!


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