About industry website navigation website operation

said the site navigation, have to mention hao123, the originator of China web site navigation, 04 years acquired by Baidu for $50 million, and it is this acquisition, led to the disaster caused by flooding water web site navigation night. Why does it cause disaster? This is related to the profitability requirements and promotion techniques of the website navigation website. Its personal view is that the lack of government regulation, moral constraints of the network promotion, is a disaster. It is from this time onwards, rogue plug-ins promotion, software integration promotion and even promote this kind of broiler by computer virus forced customers to use the technology began to flourish, so that Chinese Internet industry environment is bad, full of unfair competition. If it were not for the government to strengthen supervision in time, it would be estimated that there would be no relatively fair market environment for us.

one, industry advantage

industry site navigation website, is born in a comprehensive web site navigation with the. As far as the situation is concerned, the momentum of development is much stronger than that of integrated web navigation. The main reason is that there are three advantages,

(1) professional

In the early

industry site navigation website is mostly some entities in the building, the purpose is very simple — you, the main function is to put myself in the first place, declared himself to be the industry leader. But no matter how her, these companies have a huge advantage, is a professional, excellent website on their own in the industry very understanding, they know what the customer needs, first of all because they know what they need. So, they can easily solve the problem of customer experience.

(two) competition is small,

because of professionalism, the scope of core customers is relatively good grasp, competition will be relatively small. For example, a storm is expected to come to an end, the difficulty is still relatively large, but flooding a Beijing city is still possible.

(three) requires low

set up a web site navigation for technical requirements are low, and now 114, 360 of this web site navigation have released the open source code, so long as the basic ability of site, do a industry site navigation website is more than sufficient. So at present, the industry website navigation site is not technical, spell is the industry understanding. Professional knowledge in the industry is the core competitiveness.

two, promotion method

all web site navigation sites are almost the same, the keyword ranking is difficult to get traffic, this is the nature of the site decision – included less, ranked low. So from the operational point of view, it is not recommended through keyword ranking promotion. In addition, summed up, the proper industry site navigation, web site promotion methods are generally the following:

(a) soft Wen promotion

soft text promotion is a relatively large concept, BBS push >

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