A webmaster grows inspirational from rookie to ADMN

haven’t written anything for a long time, and haven’t seen friends for a long time. Somehow I’m very lazy. Is it used to bring CMS acquisition function, or the locomotive gave us these webmaster brought convenience, so that do not want to start writing something?.

I have been traveling to the station, although the culture is not high, graduating from junior high school, I do not know ADMIN5 inside and I have the same level of class, but through their own learning and exploration?. Slowly became a webmaster too. What SEO, what space, domain name, parsing, source code, procedures, CMS, html. It was strange at first. In 2006, a website was registered. At that time, I didn’t understand anything. I found a new Internet agent. Who knows it’s garbage?. What 39ab IDC remember is not very clear, just a pure liar, space disabled, and domain name will expire soon. Then check the domain name of DNS, found in 861 inside. Then contact customer service renewals. Analysis to the other host, but also let them help build a tour. Ha ha, and later found that they are an online source code is everywhere for me, when I was growing up in the webmaster, but also feel good. It was also peaceful. The good times don’t last long closed. What kind of company is it? I think it’s just personal behavior. The person who answers the phone is always the one. No way to find a CMS, find a GODADDY space in the United states. 150G, also a top-level domain, 200RMB. It’s a good deal.

            last year coincided with the Olympics; GODADDY’s space was sealed at home. It’s depressing again. Only to domestic. No pockets, 5944 coins, I’ll try. The individual thinks it’s a fighter in the garbage. The problem of GG, every two or three days, the Internet bad reviews. It is so difficult to do a webmaster why why? Well, GD host solution. It’s safe for some time. GD space, domestic access speed extremely slow, especially the speed of FTP is not a compliment, I do not know how Netcom or other operators situation? And in March 09 fought in the domestic, have a headache for IDC. After all, all that has happened before has been feared. It’s easy to find one. The domain name is parsed and the domain name is cancelled. Because it’s an old domain name. Very early when I put on the record, and may be used for a long time abroad GD, so that ICP records revoked, do not know, can not bind the server. For a PR4 web site, Amazon and GG directory included site can not open what will mean, that depressed ah, but fortunately found a 15 yuan a day for the record, only solved. Of course, this also has a lot of tricky. But you can use it first.

            OK, first write >

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