How to find the site visitor’s psychological

, are we blogging more professionally and more popular? I don’t think so. After all, professional circles are small and personal blogs should be popular.

always thought that I use is the use of my experience WordPress built a blog to share are welcome visitors, but I see the sidebar "" article "," article "after I know my thinking blog the wrong way. Although the "code" of the article to be able to get a lot of traffic in the search engine, but the visitors circle is too small, and many of them are kantie not reply.

what kind of article can make visitors like? This question is better than asking: why do visitors read your article?

article is practical,

introduces the WordPress technology and the network marketing technology and comment on current affairs and other articles are practical articles, only certain groups of visitors love these types of articles, because these articles can let visitors learn something. The disadvantage is are full of ordinary people cannot read the code, or teaching language, the blog is dead.

after I check the previous comments, I found that only a few people, female bloggers see these articles are generally "passing", "a newspaper to" ~~~~


content speaks to the visitor’s heart,

I have a few articles about the "spam" and ".CN domain" and "Google", these visitors or things around, or was a popular event, visitors have experience, Zhengchou no place full of words to say, of course, in your blog. A few comments.

this trick is the most skilled Han Han, the language is neither extreme, and the words Ze said, visitors to the heart, do not want to popularity is not good.

but this type of essay is afraid zhuangshan". Recently, the blogosphere in Zee games, leaving my subscription to the blog has a half released is named in the blog, do I want to get a reply to their comments template, one by one.

anyone can understand the article

anyone can easily understand the trivial articles of life, of course, hot, and occasionally write a life article in the blog can also make bloggers and visitors closer distance.

‘s mother cat gave birth to a kitten and took a picture as a souvenir. Go on a tour and release a picture of "here’s a tour". These are blog marketing masters of the customary means, and never tired of.

but our grassroots bloggers shouldn’t write too much, too much soap, we’re not big stars, and it’s pointless for visitors to focus on your life.

our blogger is like a chef. Blog is like your hotel. Visitors are Hotel diners. We offer some special dishes when we offer our favorite dishes (practical articles)

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