Characteristics of nternet crimes viewed from the event of panda burning incense

July 20th stationmaster net a news attracted many webmaster attention panda virus makers will want to go to a big Internet company released employment "panda for the virus, I believe many people are very familiar with, once all-powerful, at the time of the Internet to talk about" Xiong Maoshao incense "pale. However, in the end, it was "brought to justice", and the relevant responsible person also got the corresponding legal sanctions. Now, the maker of the virus, Li Jun, will soon be released from jail and has attracted a lot of attention.

the law has been a severe blow to the manufacture of viruses. Li Jun told his young mistakes to repent, "the virtual world will return to reality, the network did not do this, as it must be punished by law, but still bear the responsibility to regret a previous mistake, for the mistakes of the. So, now in the Internet in all illegal behavior, to recognize the illegal, don’t wait to have on others is dangerous when it came before the punishment has been too late for regrets! After all previous road, some can learn, detours are smart people.

in the face of Li Jun mistakes, many people still give understanding, the author made a survey on the A5 forum, the panda virus maker Li Jun is out of jail, his behavior can be forgiven? ", in 57 stationmaster accept the vote in the survey, 38 people think" a view of Li Junzhen is a genius, to guide can create miracles for the Internet, very visible to everyone on Li Jun’s behavior to forgive, and affirms his ability and cleverness, hope he can create more miracles for the internet. Li Jun also said that after getting out of prison, to enter the large-scale network company employment, make a contribution to the network to make up for the mistakes made in the year. All say "the return of the prodigal son Jinbuhuan", and people hope the Internet can give him another chance.

from Li Jun’s "panda burning incense virus" incident, we can sum up the two characteristics of cybercrime.

1 violates most of the interests of Internet users, causing Internet congestion will be punished.

whether blocking events from the virus, panda or some time ago in the south 6 provinces network, it can be seen that, as long as the violation of the majority of the interests of users, causing inconvenience to the lives of Internet users, major safety accidents caused by the network, will be punished by law. Although the Internet is virtual, the national compulsion still exists, and if you invade the interests of most people and cause confusion, the law will certainly bring you to justice. Anyone is responsible for his actions. Li Jun, for example, paid the price he spent in prison when he was 25-29 years old. Hacking, or any act contrary to the law, comes at a price.

2, the original intention of many illegal acts on the Internet is not intentional, but still to pay for the consequences.

a lot of hacking behavior

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