A good ranking belongs to the diligent and persistent webmaster

is accustomed to A5 every day to see, learn to learn other people’s experience, and sometimes look at other people’s SEO method, also try to do it. Last time in A5 sent an article, was included, very happy, ha ha. My small station is mainly engaged in the publication of perfect international private service. The beginning is also engaged in playing, anyway, hang a website, nothing to do, of course, do not understand what SEO, and initially did not understand the site, and felt as long as the site hung up, and often someone to visit it. The result is not their own imagination, the site is ready, but Baidu one or two months is not included, I began to pay attention to this matter, and later such a long time not included, I did not manage him. Suddenly one day, a look at traffic statistics, from Baidu over, and then check the site, was included in the Baidu. Of course, very happy in mind, in China is not included in the Baidu, the site is no good ah, which makes everyone recognize Baidu,


Baidu included later, I insist on adding content to the website every day, but most of them are collected. Of course, in addition to updating something every day, I basically do not have any control over him. Baidu’s traffic is not large, a few dozen IP. Because my website program is not too good, not suitable for the perfect international person, so the middle has changed several times, regret that I don’t know what is SEO, each change, are Baidu K, two weeks faster, more than a month before the slow recovery, Baidu snapshot is two weeks ago that update has been slow, I wonder why I update every day, ranking is always coming? Then study some other people, now still can be in the Baidu rankings, at least now the snapshot is updated every day, also included the more than 2000 pages, Baidu today’s traffic has reached more than 5000. Super surprise ah, ha ha, although the station had more than a year, the ranking is not very good, but also summed up some experience, introduce new Webmaster:

1, the site must adhere to update every day, of course, it is best to have an updated original content, it is best to write their own articles, excessive acquisition is not conducive to the rankings, like some old Adsense said, the contents of the emperor


2, appropriate to buy some of the chain, the site’s ranking or help, or A5 links on the top of the sale will not be so hot,

3, do the webmaster, the most critical thing is to insist, I was just engaged in play, in more than a year, the flow has not more than 100, now to 5000, I feel that their persistence is very important. There are a lot of perfect international according to stationmaster no traffic, a long time not to do, and every day I keep updating fixed sites, so a lot of the original ranking of the station can not find, and I stand now have little fame.

4, the site does not change substantially. In the case of cannot but do not easily change, large sites, or may be in danger of being


5, when the site has been K, do not worry, as long as you have the content of the station, Baidu has sucked

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