Why am not heading the party

often A5 friends may have recently found a small SEOER often in the article, and are related to SEO, of course, that person is me, my first articles are also written in my own blog, and then go to here.

the last time a friend to see me talking suddenly asked me if I was inside the A5 Lonelywolf in a group, I said, he said to see a few articles, you feel good, turn a few articles, but the click rate is not very ideal, because the title is not very attractive. I have seen my A5 in the hair of these articles, only one article hits more than 600 times, is about Google and Baidu to the attitude of the railway station, this is also a lot of new Adsense webmaster especially concern.

in fact, every article I can write a very attractive name, but I don’t want to write my blog, do not want to get into an all attract people with the title of the blog, I know that my writing level is not high, the technology is not the top, but I each article is written in the heart.

now we all know the true SEO technology articles, especially for the domestic SEO development, spam has become synonymous with fast SEO, SEO to write technical articles of great resistance, on the one hand, people can not see what the content of what you write is what effect, another from the technical point of view is not spam on the ranking, this is a fact, and some of the SEO technology from Hu Baojie and Wang Tong’s books since there is no SEO e-book one formal system, basically is some similar "magazine" e-books, and more people talk about is spam content, or simply that is the content of black hat.

my own blog from set up to now for about a month, Google spider reside, within 3 minutes of new articles included, slowly with some weight, adhere to every article is dedicated to writing, SEO at home to find new technology I went to see English SEO site (I’m not afraid a joke, I’m not here to disclose, what degree, English level estimation than a good English some junior high school students), although article 30% of the words are not known, although an article may have half I cannot read, but through the translation of Google, Jinshan and Tencent’s translation. In an hour or 2 articles at the speed (now speed is gradually accelerated, and then from) to find some practical technical articles, used to experiment, and then observe and write another blog.

has a subscription to my blog (may also be the first to subscribe to my blog, because my blog address he is when I haven’t put myself to Subscribe button to add the zhuaxia) friend said to me: "I hope you can keep your SEO post, not the other is to write out there". I really appreciate him. He was the first direct link

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