The website also must learn to refuse guest outside the door

              website need to defend it? Promotion is too late. Where can I refuse to leave the door?. But websites do need protection, or else……

1. anti webpage framework

these days, no one cares about the hooligans, or the backstage thugs are out of control. Thus, all sorts of all kinds of hooligans everywhere. By the network name, received traffic name, so you will be to frame the box.

anti webpage framework countermeasure

the law doesn’t protect you these days. You can only protect yourself. Write the following code in the page to prevent being framed.

< script > if (type=" text/javascript" top.location! = = self.location) < /script >

2. anti domain name binding

.Com the eyes of the people is the genuine domain name, so in most cases is the same domain name was registered by.Com,.Net and.Org domains for safe and sound. Don’t think you’ve picked it up. When you use the booming, people will use analysis to your website, if you even been immensely proud that waits, pay tuition, so people are familiar with access, they will come to you to sell the domain name, do not buy, waiting for traffic was hijacked.

anti domain binding strategy


page can determine the server SERVER_NAME variable and jump if it does not contain its own domain name. Server-side ASP code, www.XXXXcom into their own web site.

Dim strServer_Name strServer_Name = LCase (Trim (Request.ServerVariables (" SERVER_NAME" If))) strServer_Name < >; Then Response.Redirect "" End; If


web client changes to its own web site.

< type=" script; text/javascript" > var = " = my_domain; http://s.>

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