Talk about the mentality of doing website


website has been for some time, began to think of the professionals to do, their level is not enough, you can only learn some of the experience of predecessors, with various blogs, union to do their own content, it can only be a small personal space, visitor experience, website optimization, and commercial operation, more is utterly ignorant of. This should be a beginning stage.

later, I do feel something completely recognized by others, feel very depressed, so try to use some simple CMS, sharing a template, is like a web site, full collection, full publicity, experienced and like many webmaster right down, a lot of trouble on the horse good time, IP also has several thousand, bad time flow of the poor. But this site do feel very tiring, do not update their love thing every day, the machine to work, my job is to support a company’s technology, which accords with the characteristics of a technician, but the work is very tired, in his only a little hobby also do so tired, I feel very worth, and completely abandon this site, although unfortunately.

free, I love to play the game, but the growth of the online games, need a lot of time, but I have no love, then play CS, after the kart sports games, also joined the team, the team, sent a lot of spare time, then the team will do, I said I before doing so, this glorious task fell on my body, it may be a little of his own little eyes, see the size of almost every team has its own website, but do not specifically KSV site, KSV is in the game on the file, like CS DEMO, Warcraft there are similar, why CS, Warcraft can do as the site, I can’t run in the video sharing site


so, buy domain names, site, looking for resources, everything is logical, but there is no sense of previous sites very tired, and there are many good friends support. I’m glad that is, although the daily traffic is not a lot, but every day, every week, are not the same, but the rise is very stable, more and better, love it! In fact, also felt a characteristic of this kind of resources, do the station is timely, quality and green. There are the latest, excellent KSV, and the whole site non-toxic, concise operation, who would like to come, I think this should be my little experience.

in fact, there are many problems, such as my solution, for example, with the game, video site competition, the source of resources, there is a game can not always go on fire, which relates to the transformation of the site. Although these challenges in front of, but has not felt like the previous trouble, want to escape, but very interested in understanding, do it. I think it should be a good attitude. This is what I want to share with you, although it seems simple. But how many people do that,



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