mproving the user experience of the web starting with observation

improves the user experience of the site — starting with observation.

user experience is now one of the words that have been abused. With the introduction of Baidu algorithm, we can also feel, Baidu consciously put everyone to the user experience in this area. So, there’s a crucial question, how do we improve the user experience of our website,


before I talk about these methods, let me share some ideas for you, and I’ll show you how to improve the user experience, so that you can see what I think. If we want to achieve a goal, we should begin with observation on the internet.

1, web site user experience effect begins with observation,

before I do anything, I will start with observation and improve my website’s user experience. We look at those sites to do good, their user experience is how to do? Then can let us learn? Here I ask you, you think which website user experience best? There is no formation of a stereotype, reading comments to watercress. Micro-blog is Sina, micro-blog. Forum is still easy to patronize Tianya forum. To buy something is to go to the Jingdong, Taobao. I’m in these places, but maybe you’re not. Anyway, you have your own place to visit. Well, we just have to watch what we usually go,

2, improve the website user experience effect – perfect function

Sina, micro-blog World Forum, watercress, etc. These forum user experience, from the first function start, found? These sites are to meet a demand we will let people go. In terms of culture, that is, it can produce value. So in order to improve the user experience of our website. Then our website should be valuable, too. Here’s an example. 114 check mark net is my website, it is a website that inquires trademark. Then, providing trademark inquiries is his functional performance. My website has several micro innovations: first, the query speed is 30 seconds faster than the trademark office. Second innovation comes from, not determined their trademark classification, we use the methods of induction, summarization, classification, greatly improve the efficiency of the operation, you only need to put the trademark industry input, the traditional query is to do this point.

3, to enhance the effect of website user experience – to improve the experience effect


said before, the user experience cannot do without function, then we do some function in the traditional micro innovation, so we can greatly improve the user experience effect, that is on the one hand, we can also start to improve the user experience from their use effect. Still cite our website 114 check net. When someone enters our website, some people doubt their query in the process of using it. You can’t click on it at this point. You can click directly

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