Closed by 155 com talk about grassroots Adsense positioning

Li Xingping, a legendary figure in China’s Internet, talks about legend, which is why he created a great myth. Hao123, the biggest site navigation website in China, has been famous for its successful acquisition by Baidu. And with other commercial sites stand against, Li Xingping low-key terrible, so there is magic word.


put on the magic hat, so Li Xingping’s website will generally be stir fried, in order to celebrity, attention will be very high, like Baidu Li to do any non mainstream station will become the industry news.

a while ago, Internet rumors Li Xingping to enter the video sharing site, want to make him a leader in the video industry, what new users every day, every day how many independent IP, catch up with the toudou, Youku, etc. 56 potential, I was worried about Li Xingping from heard Li Xingping wanted to do video sharing community he began to think, it is difficult for Li Xingping to make it successful, because the video website of the threshold is too high, is not an ordinary grassroots webmaster can play, need a large number of connections and financial support.

why? First of all, the video site is a lot of bandwidth and server costs, no money is difficult to support the rapid development of the second, the video site certificate is not an ordinary person can get China, how much video website can get the certificate? Chinese before is not known as the largest video website the results, not by others a whole fell? Third, now the country to content supervision, video website editors do need a lot of manpower cost, inspection, or copyright issues such as the genuine, the three point, decided the video site is not an ordinary person can play it, Li Xingping is no exception, positioning, grassroots webmaster webmaster is so positioned webmaster where


we have to analyze the current situation of China’s Internet and the composition of China’s internet. China Internet users in the other three hundred million people, divided into three parts, high-end users, end users and low-end users, 1:3:6 is probably one of the proportion, that is to say, China 60% of users is the low-end users, so we only need to do


60% of the population needs what we can succeed, this my personal point of view.

grassroots webmaster decided that we didn’t have a lot of business model, business model is actually refuse, before the business model of our company has 9 large, if a company has so many business models that you even their parents do not know what name, it is not called commercial company.

we do traditional business the most attention is popular, popular is wealth, also, do also need popularity, popularity, traffic, your website is valuable, Baidu traffic is four times the Google China, you can say that Baidu is better than Google? Now that Baidu is not Google >

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