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had promised Banlon to write something and put it in his column, thinking about recording several important points and putting together a few hundred words. As to the first partial hook after leading large projects, from the beginning of October to the beginning of the June plan, on the line, as & product manager; project manager, under the huge pressure (it is said that a PM needs to do this because the painting of the more than 10 version of the prototype has not decided to leave the 5 paintings) a completely different style of the more than 20 draft of the prototype, I decided to look carefully summarized the whole process of the revision of the way to himself this year’s time, but also hope that through my own experience growing up new product team new partners understand the pull hook product idea and style, also can understand that behind this project a bit.

= = more than gossip, the following is the text of ==

at the beginning of June, the company’s home page "" pull hook online quietly changed.

if you don’t need to pay attention to new jobs through the pull hook, may not be aware of the company’s home page changes occur; as product manager for the revision of the experience, from planning to the final line of the whole, why do we have to carry out the revision? Why the new company homepage will provide these module information? Why is this layout why?……. when I was on the revision of the product, what do we think of


from the electricity supplier sector cross-border to recruitment industry, "company home page revision" is the first I received a larger demand.

I am

delivery to pull hook pull the hook through the network resume, so as a user, I know the company’s home page is really the "ugly", from the artistic perspective really need revision, but other? Only for the skin or the user on this page? In fact, there are other needs is the current page can not meet it


revision motivation

why does the current corporate home page need to be revised,



(= the old version of the company’s home page =


I think the core point is that too little show the homepage information of the moment, is not enough to make the user understand three-dimensional full range of a company, if not here to produce enough understanding, how to carry out the delivery decision


, as a platform side, we want fewer barriers between users and businesses, allowing users to learn more about the business here, and achieve a silent "communication".

, that is to say, the content of the page is much better than the beautification of the page.

Ø identify content – provide more dimensions of enterprise information


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