Analysis of the cause of Ali mother does not set the threshold to AmoyOutstanding revision completed

began the following personal speculation, subjective consciousness is strong, that makes sense but also think is wrong, please reply, to discuss.

then send links to Amoy, Amoy buyers purchase success, get a commission, a few days after the buyer unintentionally or intentionally.

buyers: shopping on Taobao shopping

from Amoy definition about it! What is the Amoy? Taobao guest promotion is a press clinch a deal the promotion mode, as long as Taobao customers from Taobao customers to promote the area code for goods, any buyers, including your own, after your promotion, links to personal websites and blogs or community posts into the Taobao store to sell after the completion of the purchase, you can get by the seller to pay the commission. This is an official definition, remove attributive adjectives, like, finally we found the guest relations and four: Taobao, sellers, buyers, Amoy

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

guest: dude, this thing is really good, good quality and cheap, or Taobao recommended products are guaranteed to buy a used!

sellers: shop on Taobao, sell things,

any buyer, including yourself, through your promotion, links to personal websites, blogs, or community postings, enters the Taobao seller’s shop and gets the commission paid by the seller after the purchase. Here to insert a sentence, any official announcement of the words are carefully considered, repeatedly issued only, for each sentence, each word has strict requirements, can not be ambiguous.

look at Amoy definition:

buyer: Well, that’s true. Tell me the address, and I’ll go and get it.

first, Amoy now is a new thing, in order to develop course to reduce barriers to entry, no ground for blame. A lot of alliances have come like this. I don’t think there’s any objection to that!

guest: by giving buyers recommend products and successfully buy and then get a commission of

, if you do not find the center of excellence in the ad code you like, you can also make your own links.

page classification link address

Web page

audio books software

assumes a scenario:

so simple a conclusion is: in this circle, fundamentally speaking, Taobao, buyers and sellers are essential, Amoy say, not essential, not knowing that someone has no opinion?? No problem. Please keep looking.

this sentence has two important parts: any buyers, including your own, after your promotion, links, personal website, blog or community posts, a few words in front of that there is no limit to what the Tao do, you can do as the main body is guest can also be buyers, buyers also can also be a guest that is to say, Ali mother from the beginning to Amoy threshold limit, the real meaning behind the word is the guest link purchase, you can get a commission.

Taobao: to provide a trading platform for both buyers and sellers

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