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yes, they’re trying to persuade me to start a business.

English is all fundamental, this point is not speculation or trickery, the other is possible, but English words and grammar is to prepare you so if, on the Internet, you also need to be utterly ignorant of, additional to learn these things, I have to find a good book:

Abstract: entrepreneurship is a difficult thing to work better than tens of thousands of times, it is a small, low probability, if you find a direction and a piece of the market, because of the need of my heart and not noisy outside must be to try it, then you can go to try, even if drastic. No, don’t daydream.

then, "lazy, lazy: from 100 yuan to 1 million, one of the road serial", this article began our second step:

Beijing seems to fall into the demons. That I was worried about, not the empire is a lot of people are suffering from a scientific community is not familiar with the collective hysteria.


Connect the

so 100 yuan to buy a domain name, probably still 40 yuan, then what do we do

this sentence is divided into several parts, first, "don’t ask," this has laid the basic tone, that is right in front of you, never thought of stepping up? Second, "do not want to disclose," a really do not see the past, can not conceal his disappointment. Third, "yourself", master your own declaration of fate. Fourth, "do something", and create a magnificent blueprint for the cause. You see, there is a kind of care, and save the last reminder like complex taste in this sentence. It seems that the magnificent scene is shining in front of you. Why are you myopic eyes turning blind,

now what to do can make collective stock climax, said the fire, even the vegetables are chatting with each other market, art >

actually, it also did not help entrepreneurs what creative companies are different, but the dry basically has only one industry, this is not their fault, now seems to be full China has only one industry — the internet. It seems that only the Internet is a sunrise industry, in addition to the civil service exam, you did not see even the number of what had begun to decline. The present situation is to catch the stakeholders and the Internet, even if you are on the Noah’s ark, despite the flood, you can safely pass; if you don’t have to throw at the Internet, you are doomed to be laughed at. And the way to integrate into the Internet torrent must be "do something out of yourself"". Going to work has basically become a joke. There is no way to, especially for nothing, or to prepare for the business temporarily in the transitional stage of humiliation.


in any dinner, after greeting, almost talk to the third topic, the other person will be in a sad I am unfortunately, my anger indisputable tone asked me, "don’t you want to do by themselves what?" this is a secret filled sentence. The seemingly placid, but the great tide, very thin Si fear.

and then, we can start.


with his own AFFILIATE, buy a computer, buy what? Recommended to buy Lunarpages, why choose this house, because only the host, is the number of Chinese immediately registered address for the CJ account. Of course, GoDaddy too, provided you have your own account.


first, let’s prepare some materials. This section will show you how to make use of the 100 yuan. If you don’t understand anything, then you need to pay extra to buy some books. I recommend bad English. Go and buy these two books to read:

? >

about this year, around the class before worthless, Curve Wrecker dumbass have claimed to start a business. Previously, friends in the circle of sun drying food, have begun to bask in the midnight empty office, whiteboard, H5, and a variety of entrepreneurial statements copied. Chicken soup with start-ups in the community, being spurned by the extremis has managed to find a new growth point, to rely on previously could not find a single object dog to do mental massage for a living, now become a spur is still working overtime dog resignation.

1, the first to register a domain name GoDaddy, is the best, why recommend to GoDaddy here to register, because in general China NIC registered the domain name registrars are difficult to transfer, the future if possible in domain name trading industry, whether a domain name transfer is related to the business is good or bad, for so many years, I in addition to some domestic, never will choose to sell the domain name in network registration, foreign only GoDaddy this one, a lot of people say ENOM is also very good, really good, but have, if you are not prepaid prepaid $7000 if your domain name is all superior agent you see, no privacy, something really is a commercial secret, so ENOM I personally feel that if you really want to use to get top agent, otherwise it is generally. There are several other foreign domain name registration company, such as NAME, although there may be cheaper than GoDaddy, but GoDaddy is the domain name registrar in the world ranking, almost absolute should belong to the top three positions, with such companies I think the credibility of what are guaranteed, only personal habits, you can also freedom of choice, here I just said.

registers an CJ account, and if you don’t even know CJ, go to www.cj.

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