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, after New Oriental’s listing in 2006, became a competitor with global IELTS


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now, Zhang Yongqi, as the founder and chairman of shark Park, has two ventures. As chairman of the blue whale Education Advisory Committee, Zhang Yongqi and the blue whale education conducted in-depth exchanges and experience sharing, the United States listed Global IELTS Pearson acquisition of Global IELTS, entrepreneurship listing and acquisition of a road experience.

why can you make money by clicking on

20click. Inc, was founded in the United States, we are committed to providing advertisers with rated number oriented user access, user clicks, questionnaires and other customized services for advertisers to provide a set of visits, data collection, user activity training, user loyalty training solutions.

20click’s new media business model is to allow advertisers to have enough time and chance to display their services and products in front of consumers. And 20click analyzes user interests and offers only ads that are interesting to the user. Thus, 20click’s new media model will affect the entire field of Internet advertising.

, what’s the difference between publishing an ad in 20click and not releasing an ad

I am in the education industry, the development of the essence is the same, that is, encountered a new thing later, will go to ponder, and then design business models, from small to big. I started doing IELTS around the world, and I didn’t know it would really be so great. By 2003, after SARS, due to private open abroad, the demand for IELTS came up, and New Oriental competition began, because money has strength, so they do better.

I was lucky, the first hit two, Hu Min himself out later in 2004, when he was president Hu Min left New Oriental Group established new channel education — education Blue Note, causing great pressure to Yu Minhong, but the fundamental reason is that New Oriental was more conservative, they always think that everyone should go to Beijing to learn, open, less. When we opened the campus, no one dared to open the campus, so it opened too fast, in the country a dozen a year.

because advertisers pay for 20click advertising, so every time you click on advertisers, browse 20click will pay you the corresponding click bonus.

with traffic, user retention time, user activity index, user loyalty become key factors determining the success of a website, a website also determines the sustainability of investment and financing.


below is the blue whale education collated Zhang Yongqi’s readme:

open so many branches, there is no problem? First, you should have some of the benefits to others, and this one was with me is also a personal attitude. The second is that you are not very quickly inside the master core secrets to others. Others out to do this alone? I’m not afraid of two, now I’m not afraid to do the shark Park, when I started the day with them to share what I want, what I do, how the cost of products, etc..

advertisers and 20click signed an advertising release agreement, advertisers pay advertising fees to 20click. The 20click users who participate in clicking on the advertiser’s website and answering the advertiser’s questionnaire will receive bonus income. All of the revenue generated by 20click users comes from our advertisers.

because I think, as long as there is good thing, there will be market. Open a branch, in fact, the business model should be a large number of, the whole country, when driving to a city, covering the impact of the New Oriental can not touch a place. Then, the customer service form is convenient, the customer feel good, but not so much money and time, I still study at home, so we are a lot of closure. When New Oriental wants to open a branch, it will be slower. Therefore, the global IELTS is a business model developed, I was not teaching, IELTS teacher bloom, we have good evaluation.


20click service protocol and why is it required to comply with

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1997, Zhang Yongqi because the application of Canadian technology immigrant and IELTS soon, which in the education industry for 20 years, he spent less than ten years to become the global IELTS School throughout the chain hundred city of NYSE listed company.

, let’s give you a simple example: ABCNEWS and CNN are AOL news providers, and ABCNEWS puts ads on 20click, and 20click users click on ABCNEWS every day because they get a click bonus. When the user needs to 20click news first thought is ABCNEWS instead of CNN because the 20Click has access to the user guide every day, have long been accustomed to the layout of news information corresponding latent meaning has become a fan of ABCNEWS users, so our users are more willing to go to ABCNEWS because they feel more friendly and more understanding thus, for advertisers to promote the accumulation and create user’s brand. Of course, the same story can happen in any industry, and advertisers in 20click will have more opportunities to touch consumers and impress consumers than competitors.

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