The 8 major misconceptions about startups see if you’re shooting yourselfThrough the first half of

but only desire and persistence are not enough. Entrepreneurship is equivalent to the construction of an ecosystem in the original ecosystem, to overcome the existing ecosystem exists. This requires the best in countless links, any negligence or mistakes may lead to disaster.

3, do not want to clear direction, do brand


look back to their original do is dumpster, so determined to be a militant, long-term development! But the reality is not now own any income and deposit, they did not have a good idea, don’t know what to do! "We found in Nanyang city does have a lot of websites, but we are here in this field. A few years of economic development is also good, but the oil field but not a classification website! Finally saw the direction, began to do the local.

everyone! I struggle, the first to write an article, write well don’t mind! Do Wangzhuan imperceptibly has been half a year, did not make any money, but I have learned a lot of knowledge! Said the following about personal experiences and feelings of

finally contacts the advertising alliance! Starts to make own website! Looked at an all night DW operation tutorial, has not looked at later, therefore started own stationmaster career. Their own exploration of those codes, procedures, and they are too honest, and even consult other people do not have, their little by little groping, and now only the development of their own how stupid, how many detours have taken place?


Wangzhuan world really true, not necessarily earn, not necessarily false pay! Half Wangzhuan not earn money, but learned! At least true will tell, promotion also learned, and the cost is not low


I’ve often seen some entrepreneurs who are busy managing teams, and that’s the kind of fun. I see such teams are entrepreneurs, not willing to authorize, and entrepreneurs do not often go to work, often outside the "talk about the project", "do great things."". When all things are back to find that everything Ta, signature, then angrily others did not realize their purposes of pleasure, and it simply monarch. After all, if you don’t go back to the company, the company hardly ever turns around.


07 years in June at the age of 17 I graduated from college, learn the latheman specialty with dreams, I happily went into a mold factory! Just graduated to be excited, plus the school has a very comprehensive than relatively lazy "teacher" of course I work up very soon! We all know the results, no teacher Fu willing to work ability stronger than his apprentice, certainly do not just relationship! But after contact with society, the beginning of the work, in addition to be honest part, so the teacher had not what

2, busy at the catwalk,

: I want to start!

star class enterprises go to the end is not without, but the guard is surprisingly, the premise is that "yes", if only "odd", then not lively for how long.

so the writers have sorted out the 8 major misconceptions about management. Entrepreneurs can compare and see if you’re shooting,

1, over managed

Ta sure can authorize and process, but these people simply do not understand their own ideas, worried ah, only their own An able man is always busy..


sometimes look at the office elevator advertising, you know which enterprise financing again. This is not to say

venture is a close call. If it is not powerful enough in the heart, and it does not have a strong desire inside, it will be difficult to hold on.

but except for the hard work, it just ruined the company and ruined itself. Busy management, itself is not managed.

and I started looking for business information on the Internet, u88 3158, found himself did not venture capital naturally! Finally contact me! The first contact of the project is E smooth by pulling off the assembly line, not what products, but they too would like to make money plus their slogan and I my ignorance, I immediately joined! Do promotion for half a month, found not a penny of income but take into account a lot of Internet access fees he had no computer, in the Internet! So give up! And start clicking, hook, registration, the effort is not that also no income. So again! Give up! And later met Sheng, engage in prepaid recharge charge 300 to send 300, the results just haven’t joined the publicity, the company closed


like star participation in various activities, of course, of course, to help start-ups, but the most core point of view, the real decision to start business life and death, only products.



once the spotlight of magic, believe me, you will feel the other will be cast into the shade. I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurial star, they speak a variety of garish fresh words, once you say "don’t understand", they will question your "old", they represent a new human or new-new generation, and how successful around preaching, but inside the


after 1 months of work, his every night to take 2000 dollars a month salary to count, one year is 2400, ten is 240000 years, one hundred years is 2400000… That way… Oh! What time can I buy houses? They have their own ideas

if the founder of an enterprise does not put the product in the first priority, the enterprise will be difficult to go further.

Abstract: entrepreneurship is equivalent to the construction of an ecosystem in the original ecosystem, to overcome the existing ecosystem and exist. Did you succeed in avoiding the 8 minefields mentioned below,

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