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content entrepreneurship team generally reflects "can not find people", here "people", of course, refers to potential or even mature content producers.

it can be seen that the return of content, talent and value is really happening.

in 2008, many advertising associations can not receive advertising, but also lowered the unit price of advertising, so that the owners of income plummeted. Six months later, 09 years in August, in the stock market rose and web Network game profiteering advertising, advertising alliance began to hot up.


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BOSS provides direct hire to Hedgehog commune data also show that in 2017, more than 1 companies across various industries in the recruitment of content related posts, open content posts more than 20 thousand yuan monthly salary ratio, an increase of 60% compared to 2015.

Adsense put in game advertising, than put on other advertising income will obviously increase by about 20%. One is the advertising unit price is high, and there is the browser likes, the game advertising hits relatively higher than other advertising.

in this extraordinary 2009, we can also witness a war without smoke. In fact, no matter how the advertising union bigwigs compete, this competition is benign, not only to promote the rapid development of the advertising industry alliance, and ultimately benefit the majority of individual Adsense users.


in recent years, the concept of overwhelming associated with the content, almost every day to the content as the theme of the conference, the value of the content is to be re examined, and the corresponding content, is the value of talents is emphasized, and the content of talent, or that conforms to the requirements of the times the content of talent too scarce.

in the first two months of 2017, the demand for content jobs increased by 32% compared with the same period in 2016, representing an increase of 78% over the same period in 2015. The average monthly salary for the content base increased from 6842 yuan in 2015 to 7322 yuan in 2016, while the average monthly salary for content management posts increased from 14185 yuan in 2015 to 14961 yuan in 2016.

, the media structure has changed, and the huge volume of traditional media in talent recruitment has gradually been transferred to the new media, and the professional needs and quality requirements of new media users are quite different. But I feel that the training mechanism for some related majors has not changed, and some students haven’t kept up their ability to keep up with them. This has created a huge demand for talent in the new media, but has failed to find the right people, and many students find jobs hard to find."

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many advertising League moves frequently, and constantly introduce new advertising, raise the unit price, do relatively early results network, in order to improve market share, and even no site new webmaster can register. Some of the League actually showed a high price of 100 yuan / thousand IP.

2008 outbreak of the economic crisis, various industries have been seriously affected, but also the individual stationmaster, weathered, online survey: in 2008 the real earnings of less than 9% webmaster.

in this troubled times, there has been a lot of new advertising alliances, the new alliance is also more segments and focus on the market, focusing on an advertising industry. Representative is the gaming industry, and the female market industry, the two market products are the profits, so in the advertisement is more: such as "100 advertising alliance", the game advertising accounted for 80%.

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recently provided to the hedgehog commune pull hook net data, the average salary of director of content in 2016 was nearly two times in 2014, other content such as content management, content specialist posts, content of product managers compensation also showed a rapid growth trend.

in addition to difficult to recruit good content talents, many people feel that content talent is becoming more and more expensive. This feeling has also been confirmed by big data.

last month, the hedgehog commune ID:ciweigongshe published the article "the price is content of talent show up, the editor is not dead, back" caused a lot of people’s sympathy. Mentioned in the text, more and more capital and content platform is competition for the contents of entrepreneurs, under several layers of power, from the second half of 2016, as has the "shortage of migrant workers", "shortage of talents" also appeared.

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