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," Luo Jiangchun said with a smile, "I know you’re trying to set me up", "no, there’s nothing to change."." He added, "I don’t say anything curious."."

yesterday, ray summed up some of his business summaries, mentioned the so-called typhoon and pig theory, in fact, is essentially the meaning of strategy. Along the topic of this strategy, I share my understanding with you.


the Morningside capital Liu Qin in the 2014 Morningside CEO summit keynote speech. The original entitled "noise boom, chaos win: some thinking about entrepreneurship" is divided into several parts, starting Forbes.

August 2010, Dai Zhikang 2001 began to build Comsenz sold to Tencent. The moment to get the money, put on paper writing mood: "I spent 10 years in a cherry tree, the results of the last node, an apple.. I kind of cherry trees."

"I was sad at that time."." Dai Zhikang says.

"cash or not?"

what I want to talk about today is that in strategic choice, we should first of all be objective and calm and capture large market opportunities. I think millet Lei Jun 10 years ago has been thinking and capture this opportunity. That night he and I called for 12 hours, and we made that decision very soon. I understand why he wants to do millet, I joked and Lei Jun said: "I have been waiting for you when you call me, saying I can’t sleep at night, this opportunity has come."." But people thought that without this opportunity to think about how long it took him, even in the past, to work with us in the process of investing, it was only a form for him to think about. I think, for Lei Jun, it’s meaningless to do a $1 billion thing again. He’s going to have to be big enough. We present here a year starting when they were chosen to do a large enough opportunities, but you should always look, ask yourself where you are in the market today, what has changed, the industry scale is not big enough. If this scale is not large enough, is it worth your time? Is there time to change?. Sometimes we stuck in it not worth our time, we are too love their own pay, unable to extricate themselves, not to look at the objective and calm the entrepreneurial environment of their own, not the real objective facing their market, sometimes fast decision to open a new market is a more correct the decision. I sometimes talk about a point of view: early death, early return, and then find a great opportunity to mouth. But if you sometimes find that it’s just your own problem of implementation, in fact, the industry is in a period of rapid growth, so you have to review your own implementation.

second is the timing of what is called market opportunity Timing. All the big opportunities for trends are actually related to timing, because you may not have been here until too early, you’ve got no strength, no resources, no morale, you can’t catch it. Too late, we talk about the electricity supplier today, Ma is already about 200000000000 of the market capitalization of the company, you now talk about it too late. So catching the right time is really crucial. We do early investment, spent a lot of brain cells to think, to predict the tide, because we tend to advance layout, I myself abstract point of view, half a step ahead. Lei Jun millet in 09,10 that time began to consider the mobile phone this matter, he must have been the minority, because he ahead of the entire market first

"will there be any professional managers?"

"do you still have a stake in popular online?"

Rowe tried to keep a flat face. He still holds the post of popular CEO.

"did the investor put pressure on you?"

like all people experiencing a life transition, Luo Jiangchun made up his mind on what is happening like oysters, keep silent.

half a month ago, Luo Jiangchun and Tang Ke Union created nearly 7 years of popular online, was bought at a low price. In addition to emphasize this is a strategic investment and acquisition, Luo did not intend to evaluate success and failure, gain and loss.

pop is a P2P featured second line video site. At the end of March 2012, "the creation of the world within the scope of the media empire," the new media SMG’s listed companies blockbuster 600637.SH to become the largest shareholder, although know-all on the overall valuation of about $85 million is only a fraction of the investment don’t offer.

if you see this scene, Dai Zhikang, Zhou Juan, Zhang Yongqi these had his own company selling with others, but do not leave the homes of entrepreneurs, mostly to smile, "at this time, not just what the scene". But what Luo Jiangchun can’t say, they can say now.

‘s own start-up company sells and sells others, but does not let go of it – it is simply a universal nostalgia for entrepreneurship.

"what’s the change in your job?"

/ reporter and Yang published in Entrepreneur Magazine 2012, 5 monthly

this entanglement is simply a universal entrepreneurial nostalgia. Zhou Juan and Dai Zhikang be strangers to each other, but a year later, she also originally experienced "sell their children as like as two peas" process. She went to see Chen Yizhou: "Internet chiefs are casual. He wears slippers, T-shirts."


Luo, laughing, silent for a second, replied, "what do you think?"

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