How to make money website analysis of the 17 models of website profitHow effective YAHOO search bidd

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highly targeted new network marketing

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it is now the mainstream model in the Internet era, e-commerce technology development and the people on the Internet understanding and popularization, more and more people tend to buy something online, but also created many millionaires by selling products online expert. The main ways of selling products online include building their own online shopping mall, selling products on the website, setting up shop selling products on the third party platforms such as opening Taobao stores and so on and making single page sales. This approach should be the mainstream of online money making, as well as a new model for selling products.

6, network intermediary to make money

there are thousands of potential customers looking for your product in search engines every day, but you don’t know where they are.

, the most authoritative and professional search and auction operator,

‘s most economical deal,

intermediary services to make money, mainly website side as the third party guarantee platform to promote bilateral transactions and receive fees or

1, advertising money

YAHOO is the founder of search bidding, by early 2004 has accounted for 60% of the global market share of.

3, do online games to make money

5, sales services make money

huge traffic brings you great business opportunities to make your website appear in YAHOO, China, YAHOO, 3721 and other Chinese leading search engines, covering 90% Chinese Internet users, day search volume of more than 100 million times;


every input has immediate results only when your link is clicked, you pay for it. No clicks are free,

YAHOO search bidding, in these "search request" and "your website" bridge between, so that your web site is directly displayed in the relevant search results page;

2, sales of products

the Commission here means making money to help people sell their products or services. At present, the most popular is Taobao customers earn money and return to the station to make money mode. This can also be said to be a change in the direction of the sale of products profit model.

remembers that when you first came into contact with the website, you didn’t know how the site was making money, and you never knew the source of each click. With the gradual deepening of awareness of the site, but finally know, in fact, the site’s profit model is too much. Enshi SEO here briefly describes some of the current popular website profit model, in order to start a new attraction, but also welcome to share more websites to make money.

your products will be prominently displayed in YAHOO, China, and YAHOO 3721.

is very cost-effective: a minimum cost of 0.30 yuan, 300 yuan may bring 1000 highly interested customers!

4, commission earn money

selling advertising sites, is the most primitive and most common profit model. Almost all portals begin with profit models that sell ad sites. Even now, advertising revenues such as Sina, Sohu and NetEase still account for a very large proportion. The forms of advertising include picture ads, text ads, video ads, animated ads and pop-up ads. The source of advertising can be direct customer advertising, advertising ads, and advertising codes such as the sh419 alliance and shlf1314 adsense. Some of these ads are paid by effects including CPS and CPA, some by CPM, some by CPC, and by monthly advertising.

game making money is more familiar to everyone, and Chen Tianqiao’s Shanda earned the first pot of gold online games, but also achievements of the boss’s millions of net worth. Current mainstream games include web games and online games, mainly by selling card points and selling game equipment to earn money for gamers.

you decide how much it costs for each potential customer – the higher the unit price you set for each click, the more likely your site will be in the search results page, and the more compelling it is;

online marketing services to make money, mainly to provide online advice to others, website production and other aspects of service money making methods.

cost control flexibility: you can plan your own ad fee.

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