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in recent years, App in this huge industry chain, staged a number of entrepreneurs of "joys and sorrows", that is, entrepreneurial frustration of "hard to force", but also the joy of entrepreneurial success. Especially now the society has entered the era of cloud services, social networking era, the original unknown to the public App entrepreneurs often staged Jedi, salted fish story, and even became a hit overnight legend, such as a geographical location, TA can view personal information and chat with TA based interactive mobile social networking tools of unfamiliar street, market value up to $3 billion, etc..

, you have to find the best person. A good engineer is not the top 10, but the top 100.

‘s successful product is to scratch your itch first. If they can not really satisfied, and how to move the user? Really in the industry can do subversion, the ultimate company is often interlinked with this. Not long ago, we and SF express founder Wang Wei chat, he said, 20 years ago began to do express, but also because of the courier industry at that time the service is not satisfied, then simply according to their own ideas to do a better.

"fast" is the first word of mouth node, the use of more fluid. We started with a deep customization of Android’s mobile phone system, when MIUI was mainly a brush machine, ROM. On the face of it, users are using mobile phone hardware, but in fact, the vast majority of manipulation experience, in essence, is derived from software. At that time a lot of brush software is personal and some small teams do, they do not have enough strength or sustained energy to really do the bottom of the optimization.


App social become the developer of the success of "Star Road"

global market App millions more, how talent shows itself in millions of troops? These success in recent years, the App star who has a bright spot: App social scene, so how to increase the social function of the social scene meet, and why do we need to find the financial cloud im cloud to achieve all this

this time >

"good looking" is a second word of mouth node. At that time, the native interface of Android was ugly compared to apple. Let’s optimize the program to make the system faster and start doing well about three or four months later". A year later, the theme of MIUI has reached the point of programmability, and if you have a certain programming power, the theme can be done in many different ways. MIUI on the subject of mobile phone point of product design, on the openness and depth, the entire Android system, we are doing the most excellent.

throughout the success in recent years, the App star who has a bright spot: App social, people’s attention, and even a school bus, love software tools because of the successful introduction of a social function, but also can become a venture capital flows. It can be said that App socialization seems to have become App developers to success of the "star road."". Recently, Enfodesk enfodesk research nearly five hundred different areas of the App development team, the team found that regardless of size and number of applications, more than 80% of the team have or plan to increase social function, social function and plans to increase more than 60% team hopes App social entrepreneurship to achieve a breakthrough for the App. At present, many domestic App has joined the social function, such as Chinese club, beauty grapefruit menstrual assistant, ICBC mobile phone client etc..

we to seize the "fast", the optimization of the entire desktop animation frame, the 30 frames per second to 40 frames to frame 60, silky smooth your fingers on the screen; the main user pain points individually optimized, to make a call or send the SMS module optimization have experience better, faster, such as to the common contact send text messages to 3 ~ 5, the general system, we need only two steps.

The first step in

Li Wanqiang, vice president of millet technology,

"open" is a third word of mouth node that allows users to recompile custom MIUI systems. What kind of development has brought about this? Openness has enabled many foreign users to participate. They have published English versions of MIUI, Spanish versions, Portuguese versions and so on. This open strategy has attracted many foreign fans, users to deep dissemination of MIUI, foreign reputation also in turn affected the domestic market dissemination, similar to export to domestic sales.

two, the company name, domain name, can not get down, do not dry

, the first step in Entrepreneurship: what kind of pain should be solved?

to melt cloud as the representative of IM cloud services will launch the next subversion

MIUI as millet’s first product, there are three nodes is very important. These nodes are word-of-mouth stories and topics".

to build a social function, realize social App, high technology, high cost, high time of the "three high", App for a large number of small developers, the collocation feature is like the ancient aristocratic privilege insurmountable, despair — "social death, social consumption may be dead, and so has been the bottleneck of contradiction before im not universal.

‘s business is to determine what the product is and what kind of pain it should be addressed.

The premise of

many of the Internet technology, instant messaging IM is the most commonly used food "is the" crown jewel ", has a strong technical capability im only a handful of manufacturers, in addition to the Tencent, Ali, China Mobile’s Fetion provides instant communication technology services listed companies ultrapower. The login financial cloud official website, you can see the data in its introduction, the financial cloud from listed companies Ultrapower, although only a few lines, but for the communication of information people, can be seen in the background of the financial cloud instant messaging and cloud computing has many heavy.


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