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: a living law monopoly type VS individual


below, I’ll give you a brief introduction to the features of these websites. First of all I want is long website, this website popularity can also have tens of thousands of members, to now turnover is about one million and five hundred thousand yuan, for the website first person, this is a good site practice, but also the way to earn pocket money. But more important is to accumulate experience. What’s more, the nest nets. The nature of this website is similar to what I want to do for a long time, but the focus of the nest net is focused on the game, and the promotion of the game is its strong point. And also to make it clear that the two types of website unit Commission is particularly low. Are divided into units of measurement, so earn more hard. But they also have advantages, that is the site of membership management is loose, hand in the membership threshold, there is a threshold member issued task, and those requirements are very loose. You can even make the biggest profit with a small price.

Lei Jun recently said that the next five years to invest 100 companies to copy millet model, which reflects the development of a start-up company after the model. When a company through a point such as product or community to grow up and to ensure survival will inevitably face development problems, and to explore the facts on the development it is necessary to summarize the various known development models. Some of these patterns are way out, others are obviously dead ends.

specifically, from search to social networking is not an effective link, but from the electricity supplier to finance is. This seems to be a belated effort but you can see, this is the vertical distribution under applied field.

from the distribution to SNS this can not return a product I said above are built a better understanding of talent and temperament, the talent and the disposition determines its foreign related direction, also determines whether it can system, and even determines the scale of the upper limit, such as recruitment this kind of tourism, although >

moreover, it is known as "pig eight quit" Witkey network. This site, after is a large-scale business entities, and has become the largest online trading platform. Several features of the website is of high credibility, high commission, multi project, impact! Pig online almost every day millions of transactions, is a piece of hundred-percent everywhere golden treasure. When I first made a pig net, I felt that this website was very formal and reliable, and that I could do a lot of tasks, and the commission would be more expensive. Here, I feel that is the real meaning of their talent, depends entirely on your ability to make money, of course, capacity, earn more money, but also not less, there you can do the task

in order to expand from a single product to the system, the key is to grasp the association, which is rooted in the pattern of products and natural disposition. The rapid iteration of the later stage is undoubtedly useful for quickly finding the way to go, but it doesn’t really break the pattern or temperament. It seems like a gift, the day after tomorrow’s efforts can determine whether this talent can be fully exploited, but it doesn’t break the limits of this talent unless you use the power of capital.


on the Internet this auspicious treasure house, we can start from the start, in addition to the above mentioned, Taobao is also a guest Wangzhuan starting point is very low, in some recent A5 top Taobao customer activity, high commission, buyers of good reputation, are some of Taobao business A5 carefully screened, to which everyone can get involved in try to accumulate your own money experience, finally will lay a solid foundation for the success of your


throughout the big achievements, basically is a single product system model, this model, one achievement will let later people face a kind of small soldier against Sparta phalanx situation, a chance to win No. Domestic BAT and even the recent millet, foreign Microsoft, shlf1314, Facebook are such a model, the ultimate goal of this model is a natural monopoly.

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Chushe Wangzhuan people are basically started by doing tasks. At present, there are many tasks on the web site, such as I would like to send a long time site, the eight quit Witkey network, and what nest nets, and so on. To these websites, and do not say through it can earn money in the end, but can say at least, it is the task platform of relatively safe.

distribution is more like a simple tool, more likely to be swallowed up by a large number of user time APP, but at the same time, distribution can not be arbitrarily expanded to SNS such top-level entrance. This was a terrible scene, when the space consciousness gradually separate and people spend more time on it, all kinds of new ideas will spread in the sense of space such as the new XX APP really fun ah, the main battlefield spread is SNS, so the SNS related information directly to distribute inside is smooth. We see that stuff interesting, and it’s much easier to go directly to download a APP than to start a distribution SNS, as long as the content in this connection is good enough for this user requirement. But in turn, from distribution to SNS is not established, almost ten dead, no life, there is no possibility of success.

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